Feminist? No! A Woman Of Strength? Yes!


May You

God gave each woman different gifts, and talents for her journey in the world—Kathleen Blake.

This post probably isn’t going to “win friends and influence people”.  It will go against the grain of what the world tries to teach us as women.

I hate the word “feminist”. It seems so degrading. Somehow perverted. I guess it is because some women gave it a different meaning through the years than what was intended. (No, I am not saying the word “feminist” should be ban. We have to take the good with the bad, Open-mouthed smile.)

Back when I was a kid these kind of women were called women libbers. Though I did believe a woman doing the same job as man should get the same pay and a woman did have a right to have a career. That is far as I could go with them. They seem to cross the line in some things I didn’t agree with in my opinion. Some against my beliefs.

A woman should be proud of her femininity not down on it. A woman can be soft yet having strength to get the job done. She gives of her heart yet not a patsy. She speaks kindness but stands her ground. She believes she compliments her spouse as he compliments her. She can be a leader yet a servant at the same time. She can knock down a wall yet be feminine. She can make her life the way she wants it not what somebody else says. She is not perfect but works towards change.

This poster would explain more what I am getting at.


In other words I want to be a woman of strength when I grow up, not a strong,  feminist woman.

The Elders

A Strong Woman

She Is

The Strength

Stand Up


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