My Article Read (8-24-2015)


Person, Newspaper1

  1. America’ Future In Asia

  2. Obama theory, just brainstorming

  3. If the Savior stood beside me

  4. Sunshine Angel


  6. Planned Parenthood: When Shipping Dead Baby Heads, Make Sure Eyes are Closed

  7. The Preacher Said … | Vanity! | Part 2 /12 | The Isaiah 53:5 Project

  8. A Letter From Jesus 2U

  9. For Sale …… Me !

  10. Sundays Are Meant for Relaxing!

  11. Louisiana Trooper Shot in Head During Traffic Stop – Witnesses Stop Shooter’s Escape….

  12. Could it Be ~

  13. VIDEO The Truth Behind Mass Vaccination

  14. Polygamy

  15. My very dear friends

  16. Black Chamber Comes Out Against MB Obama’s Financial Adviser Regulations

  17. Devoy converts to full fledged Marxist subversive

  18. Worship Songs For Today

  19. Media Report – RNC Threat To Trump: Make Pledge Or Be Banned From Debate…

  20. Forever . . . !

  21. Bill and Hillary on the Beach Again: Bill Texting or Emailing?

  22. Because Two Can Keep a Secret, if One of Them … Doesn’t BLOG! — reblogged

  23. Sticky Note to God 08.23.15

  24. A Fresh Spin on Activism & The Arts: The Neighborhood’s New Series #TAG is Entertaining and Smart

  25. The Truth and Danger of Comparing Oneself to Others

  26. Endangered List – Australian species

  27. Gays Support Christian Cake Maker, Sued and Lost in Court: The Sin Cups

  28. “No despair of ours can alter the reality of things; or stain the joy of the cosmic dance which is always there..”



  31. Liebster Award…

  32. Nuggets – God’s Rest Day

  33. Sing Your Praise

  34. Alter Your Course

  35. Certified`

  36. Stock Market: Is this a “correction” or the beginning of the end?…

  37. This Obama picture should give you a giggle to start the week…

  38. The Contagion of Fear and the Stability of Courage

  39. Darn right!

  40. Corruption? Pffft..the voters don’t care.

  41. A Season of NO Compromise or Tolerance!

  42. Solar collectors

  43. Heart is Steadfast

  44. The Lords Prayer

  45. Quote Of The Day — August 24, 2015

  46. Just a Thought

  47. Daily Devotion-August 24, 2015-The Elijah Factor or How 1 Man Made a Difference-The Flour and Oil Stays Full

  48. Percy Redux-Odyssey of a Home Invader

  49. Netherlands – Uithuizen

  50. Windows

  51. State Representative Leaves Democratic Party Over Planned Parenthood Videos

  52. Spotting in Spins

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