My Article Read (8-23-2015)


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  1. Navy to Charge Officer Who Fired on Islamist During Chattanooga Terror Attack

  2. Sticky Note to God 08.02.15

  3. We all need more time with GOD

  4. Nuggets – The Tongue of the Learned

  5. You Can’t Say You Didn’t Know

  6. Liberal Abortion Defender Whines that Her Views and Arguments are being Challenged

  7. Govt greed for more and more tax signals economic failure

  8. Trump leads Bush in Florida, Hillary flounders

  9. Brendan O’Neill- The New Dark Ages

  10. VIDEO Prevent Trojan Windows 10 from installing, filled with backdoors

  11. Flawless: A Must-See Video

  12. There’s No Present Like The Time

  13. The Set Up

  14. Our Kids “back to school

  15. Yahweh is my shepherd!


  17. C.R.E.A.T.E.

  18. Put Yourself in a Place to Experience Clarity

  19. Black minister, fierce Obama critic, floats killer questions for Black Lives Matter

  20. The exclusive club

  21. My Holiday in Mesh

  22. The Preacher Said … | Vanity! | Part 1 / 12

  23. Pregnant

  24. Decisions Are the Moments That Shape Your Destiny

  25. Defcon 3 – Amid Plummeting Polls Hillary Will Interrupt Vacation and Go Back On Campaign Trail….

  26. Solution Saturday: How to Convince the Older Generation to Change

  27. The Making of ‘TAG’

  28. Message to Husband

  29. And….Featured is…..

  30. Written

  31. Sea Worthy ~

  32. VIDEO Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-WHAM, Cop Slams Old Man To The Concrete For Singing In Public

  33. God Gives Assurance

  34. Redeeming Myself By Swimming With Whale Sharks

  35. Sticky Note From God 08.22.15

  36. No Trump Saturday aka let’s talk about some neat products, movies, and books…

  37. Does Hillary Clinton have a second server and why hasn’t it been seized?

  38. DHS has been keeping secret the release of violent criminal aliens…

  39. This is horsecrap. Pure spin.

  40. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  41. Study: German Scientists Conclude 20th Century Warming “Nothing Unusual” …Foresee “Global Cooling Until 2080″!

  42. Ten things you didn’t know were RAAAACIST, you racists

  43. Downtown

  44. Quote Of The Day — August 23, 2015

  45. Is the Cartoon a Brutal Takedown or Moronic Truth?

  46. What to say if your spouse finds your name on the Ashley Madison list (uh oh)

  47. Just a Thought

  48. The Importance of Church Membership

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