My Article Read (8-22-2015)


Overwhelmed By News

  1. I Want Birthday Presents!

  2. Senator Mike Lee Secured a Commitment From McConnell to Repeal Obamacare

  3. You Do Not Have To Be Good

  4. Sunday respite: In memory of the Kurds who died this week with U.S. OK

  5. Sing praise to Yahweh!

  6. Obama FURIOUS At What Donald Trump Said About Bowe Bergdahl – But His Fans Are Cheering

  7. Friday’s Foreshadow

  8. Trump shows why so many like his style

  9. New York Times admits to manipulating immigration debate

  10. Bobby Jindal to counter pro-Planned Parenthood protest by showing sting videos on loop

  11. ObamaCare: Doing the Math, IRS Collects Too Much – Insurers Have No Risk

  12. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  13. Women are infantalised by workplace quotas

  14. Yelp Partners with Feds, Offers “Citizen Insights” of TSA to monitor government opposition

  15. More Tiny House Progress

  16. If You Still Support Planned Parenthood, You Are Simply Not A Decent Person

  17. Advice for organizing a protest against Planned Parenthood on Saturday, August 22nd

  18. The Battle of the Bulge: The War Between Hunger and Sanity

  19. Encourage One Another-Dressed For War

  20. Time to Choose: God or Man, Whom Will You Serve?

  21. Because of Trump

  22. The Surging Anti-American Sentiment of the Left

  23. Let gratitude be the order of the day

  24. U.S. Marines Stop Terror Attack On Amsterdam-Paris Train; American Seriously Injured

  25. Reuters IPSOS Poll – Trump Widens His Lead…

  26. Sticky Note From God 08.21.15

  27. HE LIFTS US UP: But GOD…

  28. Satan’s Bid For Your Child–Final Chapter

  29. Details Emerge – Three U.S. ‘Off Duty’ Military Stop Terrorist Massacre On French Train – Video Moments After Incident….

  30. Nothing Impossible With God

  31. Six word Saturday

  32. The Accidental Artwork – Art Experiments

  33. Silver Battlements ~ SoS Saturday

  34. Bill Clinton pardoned former CIA Director for having Classified Material on home computer

  35. How to Develop More Moments of Clarity

  36. Planned Parenthood Two Minute Trailer: New video shows Stem Express CEO joking about shipping ‘intact’ aborted babies…

  37. Mark Steyn talks to Sean Hannity about Donald Trump…

  38. Drug smugglers scale border fence with large bales on their backs…

  39. What I know about the Prophetic by Experience

  40. Farage, on invaders:

  41. The Iron Legion:

  42. Exactly!

  43. Stand Strong in the Power of The Holy Spirit!

  44. Happy Caturday

  45. Major realizes his job is completely irrelevant, achieves Nirvana

  46. More on the French train attack

  47. Sources: Formal Criminal Investigation of Clinton Coming Soon

  48. Can you See The Signs?

  49. Jesus doesn’t support Homosexuality/Gay Marriage

  50. Beginning Of Wisdom

  51. Decadence: or Modern Life

  52. Payday Loans and Other Alternatives

  53. Bigger than Hillary and her server

  54. Common Core word games coming soon

  55. So It Begins: Ashley Madison Spurs First Divorce

  56. 1970s TV Theme Medley

  57. Quote Of The Day — August 22, 2015

  58. Giving Thanks with Praise and Worship | Psalms 89 – 91

  59. Just a Thought

  60. Let’s Talk Revival!!!! Part 5

  61. Netherlands – Windows

  62. Netherlands – Amsterdam

  63. Netherlands – Gouda

  64. How Flower, Celonacharles & James Won or Lost ‘The Lives We Live’ the 1st Reality Show in a Blog

  65. Blogging is About Sharing Your Unique Voice

  66. The Making of ‘TAG’

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