My Article Read (8-17-2015)



  1. Joyful ‘Toons – Investor

  2. I will praise You, Oh Yahweh!


  4. Wind

  5. Solution Saturday: One of my Colleagues Rubs me the Wrong Way

  6. Your Audience is Not Your Friend

  7. Do For Others…

  8. Donald Trump needed just ONE sentence to make the point on illegals crystal clear

  9. Facebook, Twitter and Social Media

  10. Around my neck

  11. A society with messed up values

  12. Lessons from Abraham and Joseph

  13. YouTube bans TRUTH proof of black-on-white violence, Suspends account of ‘White Girl Bleed a Lot’ author

  14. Napolitano: Donald Trump Has Touched a Raw Nerve

  15. Memoirs of a Prison Intern Part 3 – Battling the Social Stigmas

  16. I have an Angel

  17. She walks, she talks, she fundraises

  18. Pressure

  19. Unapologetic Capitalism VS Unsustainable Socialism – The Showdown at The Iowa State Fair…

  20. Why Are You Looking At Me?

  21. Where There is Peace ~

  22. Pope Francis and Climatism

  23. Explore God’s High Purposes in Salvation

  24. The Crooked Path

  25. Great is Yahweh!

  26. Everything is a Miracle — reblogged — Part 3

  27. Sticky Note From God 08.15.15

  28. Inspirational Song For Today: That Was Then, This is Now

  29. Award 3rd day

  30. Why American Preachers will not unify against the anti-God White House.

  31. Quote Of The Day — August 16, 2015

  32. The Coleus Up Close

  33. Sunday Respite: Cuban Music for our newest ‘refugees’

  34. EPA Strikes and Silverton Suffers

  35. Is Obama Angling to Remove Hawaii as a US State?

  36. Hillary refuses to “get down in the mud”…

  37. Donald Trump’s Position on Immigration Reform…

  38. You can donate to the Colorado baker being persecuted for not making a gay wedding cake…

  39. How to ID the DEVIL

  40. Looking for a Book

  41. An Immigration plan.

  42. A question for Audrey Young,

  43. Oh, my. Is there a backup to Hillary’s unauthorized, insecure email server?

  44. EPA to spend tax dollars to study *indoor* climate change

  45. If I could Paint the Sun

  46. Netherlands – Terschelling

  47. The Unexpected Prophecy

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