My Article Read (8-16-2015)


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  1. Are You Noctambulous?

  2. Everything is a Miracle — reblogged — Part 1

  3. IRS Midnight Unit: Lerner Emails Magnetically Degaussed

  4. Nuggets – The Stars Also

  5. Let Others See This Greatness in You

  6. Your Saving Grace

  7. 2016 GOP Outsider Candidates Are Seeing A Rise In The Polls

  8. Dancing on the grave of an extinguished Christianity

  9. Favorite Foods in Moncton, New Brunswick

  10. VIDEO Rep. Ryan Zinke: ‘Iran Needs This Deal,’ Not The U.S. – Just say NO DEAL!

  11. God Still Speaks through Those Who Can Weep

  12. VIDEO Donald Trump is “Shaking the System to its Core”, media attacks are not working

  13. Mellow

  14. Moats and Guns

  15. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  16. Drip, Drip, Drip – Hillary’s IT Contractor Did Not Have Proper Security Clearance…

  17. Trusting God and Doing Good

  18. All Your works shall praise You!

  19. Morning Joe grief counseling on Hillary

  20. Sticky Note From God 08.14.15

  21. Mind Over Matter, Spirit Over Soul

  22. Challenge Award 2

  23. And Featured is…

  24. Quote Of The Day — August 15, 2015

  25. Six word Saturday

  26. City Walls ~ SoS Saturday

  27. 75th National Airborne Day

  28. Media Quiet on Jade Helm Military Exercise

  29. Tuesday Morning Success!

  30. Sticky Note to God 08.15.15

  31. Photographer captures frozen soapy water bubbles

  32. Hillary’s IT man worked for State Dept, Company without security clearance

  33. Lofty Ideals

  34. The Oversight of a Church

  35. Where does “your” help comes from?

  36. Young Writers

  37. Joyful ‘Toons – Mule

  38. Just a Thought

  39. What’s YOUR Story?

  40. Wow – MSNBC Targets “Stump for Trump” Ladies – Demanded To Know Employers, Addresses and Children’s Names…

  41. One Person

  42. Our Day of Peace

  43. Keep Going

  44. Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan: Deport Them All…

  45. Crippled NZ

  46. The left and free speech:

  47. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  48. Left and Right May Not Be Happy with the New AP Standards. Here’s Why You Should Be.

  49. Inspire Me

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