My Article Read (8-13-2015)


Man, Breakfast, Newspaper

  1. Christ’s Words Are for the Children of God

  2. Trafficking in lion body parts

  3. Federal Judge Orders Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills To Explain Private Email Server, Under Penalty of Perjury…

  4. Men!

  5. Gaman – Portraits of Chicago Nisei WWII Veterans

  6. Missouri protesters get 2nd Amendment lesson; St. Louis police chief needs one

  7. VIDEO Major EPA Spill Effects Southwest Water NM Gov. Martinez: ‘We Have People Preparing a Lawsuit’ Against EPA

  8. Spiritual Suffocation

  9. 8 Wise quotes from half of 2015

  10. Levin- Progressives have betrayed their children

  11. Sticky Note From God 08.11.15

  12. Iowa Poll – Jeb Bush Support Collapses To 5% – Chris Christie and Rand Paul Follow Race To The Bottom…

  13. The Mountain Gospel

  14. Newsweek Declares the POW/MIA Flag Racist: A General Responds with Righteous Anger

  15. VIDEO Old Recording Of Megyn Kelly Talking About Penises, Breasts, How She Has Sex, Proves Trump Was Right Kelly Is Absolute Trash

  16. Ben Carson goes after ‘Uncle Tom’ charge — right in the heart of Harlem


  18. Time Goes On and On (Ecclesiastes)

  19. Lean on God for powerful strength

  20. Quote Of The Day — August 12, 2015

  21. An Artist Grows an Ear on His Arm

  22. Understanding Not Necessary

  23. We Smile and Remember

  24. Hillary Clinton: ‘I would model the kind of ‘behavior’ I’d hope all Americans would have.

  25. Wednesday’s words

  26. Current News Links

  27. Dear friends

  28. Coaching Insecure Employees

  29. Of Dark Webs and Surveillance Societies.

  30. Prophetic Revelation of Christ

  31. Satan’s Bid For Your Child–Adult Only Content

  32. 101 Dalmatians

  33. Be Strong and Courageous

  34. (Video) Klintonerdämmerung, or, “Meanwhile, back in Chappaqua…”

  35. Colorado Letter To The Editor Predicted EPA Spill – Motive: So EPA Could Secure Superfund Status….

  36. That racist flag

  37. North Korea: At this rate, Kim is going to run out of people to shoot

  38. BREAKING: Prayers For President Jimmy Carter – Now Battling Metastasized Cancer…

  39. Perspective

  40. VIDEO Greece, Distomo, the German Massacre and Beyond

  41. Trey Gowdy: Hillary is Lying…

  42. Dr. Ben Carson: Planned Parenthood Was Founded To Abort Black Babies

  43. You are the Lord’s Tomato

  44. ‘Good boys no longer.’

  45. Your situation is under God’s control!

  46. ‘The Lives We Live’ A Reality Show episode V: PEACE

  47. How to cool off on a hot summer day

  48. The Black Box

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