My Article Read (8-12-2015)


Heart, Newspaper

  1. Old Testament vs. New Testament

  2. Rebuilding Passion

  3. Dozens More Clinton Emails Revealed To Contain Classified Intel…

  4. PC Gone Too Far, College: Using the Word “American” is Offensive

  5. Sticky Note From God 07.31.15

  6. Nomads Nest by Wind River Tiny Homes

  7. My Thoughts Regarding First GOP Debate And Attempted Destruction Of The Trump Campaign

  8. Why Fox Can’t Stop Trump

  9. World laughs at MB Obama and his 50-rebel force – Sex Slaves, Beheadings, Twitter Terrorism – HufPo ‘Hard-Line’ Islamists Venture

  10. Take a Look at What the Looters Are Stealing


  12. Advice to Dr. Walter J. Palmer from Planned Parenthood’s PR firm

  13. Trump Fires Campaign Adviser, Vows to “stay in” Race, Doubles-Down On Prior Approach, Promises To Destroy DC Machine….

  14. Jim Bridenstine on Ted Cruz and Electability

  15. UN Agenda 2030 – Threat to US Sovereignty

  16. Meet Naoto Matsumura, The Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals

  17. My Cancer Survival Kit

  18. Liebster Award!

  19. When You Feel Unloved: 14 Quotes That Declare God Loves You

  20. Wacky Whacky

  21. Pennsylvania’s Attorney General arraigned on criminal charges

  22. Athena’s First Camping Experience

  23. The 2016 Election Is Bigger Than Trump

  24. Digital Art – Abstract Dream

  25. Illegal surge again knocking on the door

  26. See What Ezra Levant and Brian Lilley Thought of the Political Leaders’ Debate!

  27. Blogging – Tag Help on WordPress

  28. Killed By Illegal Alien – Santa Maria Police Chief: “There’s A Blood Trail from DC To Bedroom of Marilyn Pharis”…

  29. Back At It!

  30. Saint Louis Police Desperately Trying To Stop Ferguson Looters “This Time”…

  31. Memoirs of a Prison Intern Part 2 – the Good, the Bad, and the Crazy

  32. Pour Out Your Heart ~

  33. Challenging the Culture

  34. Roger L. Simon is oh-so-cynical, and I agree completely with him #IranDeal

  35. Behold, bless Yahweh!

  36. Human Capital – Episode 2: Inside the Planned Parenthood Supply Site…

  37. Self Employed


  39. Government: The friend of your enemies.

  40. VII Days of Peace – Day III: Interpretations

  41. Wrong Number

  42. Netherlands – Seals

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