My Article Read (8-11-2015)


Girls, Newspaper


  2. Given to Us Eternal Life

  3. kitchen Tongs and Cat Poop

  4. Daddy

  5. Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton Pandering To The NAACP….

  6. Netherlands – Huis Bergh Castle

  7. A BRAVE BRITISH grandfather is fighting the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq – because “no one seemed to be doing anything about” the bloodthirsty terror group.

  8. You are not a Prophet until you are willing to rebuke the King

  9. Solution Saturday: Dealing with Ms. Rigid

  10. 2 Different People

  11. Should Christians concern themselves with exercise?

  12. Joyful ‘Toons – Do not open that door

  13. Nuggets – The Victor’s Crown

  14. Can Donald Trump Run the Nation’s Business?

  15. Revived? Or Not?

  16. Praying Psalm 31

  17. Contemplation

  18. Archaeologists discover entrance to city of Gath, home of Goliath

  19. Addendum to stem cell miracles – clarity

  20. VIDEO Dr Ben Carson: People Will Rise Up, Regain Control of Govt – Example, Neighbors Surround Home of Vet to Stop VA Gun Grab!

  21. Senate Intelligence Authorization Act, Would Allow Arrest of Journalists, Anti-war Activists, Academics and Students

  22. Trump is Right – Political Leverage, Deal-Making, Business Survival In the Era of Obama….

  23. The ascent of Snowdon

  24. Jaw Dropping Nonsense – Erick Erickson: “Jeb Bush is The Most Conservative Republican Governor”…

  25. Growing Up With A Sociopath

  26. GOP Debate Questions: Tough v. Informative –– Let’s Separate the Pack

  27. Christ, the Blessed One

  28. What’s the Point?

  29. VIDEO First Principles #4: Satan’s Plan – First Principles #5: The End

  30. Two main reasons for Trump’s popularity

  31. boasting

  32. Trump Fox hit parade keeps rolling

  33. Black Pastors Ask Smithsonian to Remove Bust of Planned Parenthood Founder

  34. Just a Thought?

  35. To All Generations

  36. Wake Up America

  37. Another One!

  38. George Will: Trump Supporters Need to Come to GOP on Our Terms

  39. Trump the Teenage Bully?

  40. King Solomon, Free Will, Counterparts

  41. Panic Attack and Pufferfish

  42. Are you in a rut?…

  43. Actual Good News: Hillary to cough up private server…

  44. Fight: Marco Rubio attacks Hillary Clinton for her radical abortion views…

  45. On the Horizon

  46. such a deal

  47. Age and the Loss of Innocence

  48. Netherlands – Animals

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