My Article Read (8-9-2015)


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  1. The historical Jesus

  2. Do You See Jesus in Your Clouds? – Nothing Hidden

  3. no such thing as a moral fact

  4. Canadian Islam Converts Plotted to Kill Jewish Children

  5. Praying Through Psalms: 19 – 20

  6. Today FEATURED for the week is….

  7. And the beat goes on …

  8. FBI Finally Calling It a ‘Criminal’ Probe

  9. Are atheists and Christians enemies?

  10. The Transformation Is Mind-Blowing – A Homeless Dog Wanders The Streets Alone

  11. But Do I Know the Universe?

  12. Keynotes: Can you hear the sounds?

  13. Prevailing Prayer

  14. 13 Things That Are Changing My Life and Leadership

  15. King Solomon, Wise GOP Voter Caution

  16. Debate: Competence: and a Blowhard

  17. Petition started to remove Megyn Kelly from future debates

  18. Sheriff Clarke has advice , but NO support for ‘pandering’ GOP candidate who met with Al Sharpton

  19. Encore

  20. Track Inspector’s Good Deed Goes Viral

  21. A thought about the impossible!

  22. A Predictable Path

  23. The Tower of Babel, Genesis 11:1-9

  24. Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

  25. I was made for this… ~ SoS Saturday

  26. We Are His People

  27. Debate: Shake and Bait Questions

  28. Nuggets – Our Sins in His Body

  29. Stem Cell Miracles

  30. Beneath My Feet

  31. Rock Music Part 4

  32. Dear Auntie Linda, August 7, 2015

  33. Baltimore Prosecutor Stopped Investigator From Exposing Freddie Gray “Crash for Cash” Schemes….

  34. Praying Psalm 30

  35. Driving to Caernarfon


  37. Memoirs of a Prison Intern Part 1

  38. Grey

  39. Friday fictioneers: No Deal

  40. Jury Agrees With Insurance Company That Lesbian Couple Faked Hate Crime In Burning Down Their Own Home

  41. The Magic Mirror: Seeing the Virtues of Infanticide from a Progressive Viewpoint…

  42. A duo of black women support Trump and eviscerate Megyn Kelly

  43. Target removing gender labels…

  44. Jon Stewart, Patron Saint of Liberal Smugness

  45. The scum on the left:

  46. This woman is an authoritarian idiot


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