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The Kindness Blog list 7 online kindness things you can do. 7+ Ideas For Online Acts Of Kindness  was written by Louise Massol. Her 7 ideas were:

  1. Send an email to organizations or brands you think do a good job.

  2. Search for “suicide” on Tumblr.

  3. Send an animated e-card to someone.

  4. Spend an hour on to listen to someone who needs to talk.

  5. Reply to content you enjoy.

  6. Join a forum and answer others’ questions.

  7. Forward coupons you receive by email.

I have a few ideas to add of my own. First I need to explain, I believe kindness is part of love and compassion. I believe encouragement and inspiring are a form of kindness. Here is my list:

  1. You see someone has like 30 followers and you would like to help them get more followers. You could showcase their blog on one of your post, reblog their post, or recommend their blog by giving a link.

  2. You look at number one of my list, it could also be an encouragement for person to keep on going in the direction of writing more post and not give up. Louise Massol’s number 5 on her list could be consider encouragement too.

  3. Put up quotes or sticky notes post to inspire, to lift  up, or encourage others.

  4. Sharing posts or writing a post on a person who needs prayer or help.

  5. I don’t believe in feeding trolls but in showing them kindness. For instance, a troll gets really nasty on a post. Don’t reply what a idiot or how nasty they are. Give them a reply like “Thank you for your lovely comment. God bless.”  You could  add a smile or give a virtual hug to your comment too. Do not do more than that. Usually they leave, thinking you’re no fun or you will make a friend, Smile.

These are kindness you can think on doing on your quest of the internet.


5 thoughts on “Online Kindness

  1. Hi! It makes me so happy that you quoted my article and added ideas to it! That’s what it’s for. 🙂 And it is a wonderful example of what you’re talking about because I do feel encouraged to keep writing about kindness, compassion and non-judgment when I see the beautiful ripple effects that creates. And I agree with your kind approach to internet trolls who are people too who act this way for various reasons. But kindness is indeed in all situations the best reaction and often the most transformative one. Thank you again. I’m very touched.

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