My Article Read (8-7-2015)


Dog, Newspaper5

  1. Interesting – During Baltimore Riots Maryland MCAC Intel Hub and Homeland Security Were Tracking Malik Shabazz…

  2. Moral Compass

  3. Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks at #WomenBetrayed Students For Life Rally

  4. Humility ~ Part 1

  5. Dreamy

  6. Regret: ‘The Lives We Live’ A Reality Show – 5th Dismissal

  7. Watcher of Weasels Nominations – Parts & Service Edition

  8. Five Facts about Indonesia to Know

  9. No Time…

  10. Rock Music continued

  11. Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  12. TT3: Wherever You are…  that’s the Exact Place God Wants you to be

  13. loving yourself

  14. Look Who Openly Declared Himself Traitor

  15. Encourage One Another-No Fear

  16. The strength of hope

  17. New Hampshire defunds Planned Parenthood, overriding Democrat governor’s veto

  18. Planned Parenthood Video #4 and #5, and relevant stuff

  19. Tipping the Scales of Justice

  20. Satan’s Bid For Your Child: Rock Music Part 3

  21. Cleric arrested in London

  22. Happy birthday, Alfred

  23. Again . . . Praise Yahweh!

  24. Start Someone’ Weekend With a Bang!

  25. journey to see God: Abraham’s God

  26. A**holes and Clowns v Lawless Liars and Security Threats

  27. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  28. Cast Your Cares On Him

  29. Do Not Lose Heart ~

  30. Sorry Planned Parenthood, But All Suffering Can Be Redeemed – Dems must not Kill the Messenger

  31. Christ Does Not Change

  32. The Song of the Turtle – A Winner in the Crocodile Prize

  33. Overwhelming beauty

  34. Children of Nyarugusu Refugee Camps

  35. Do I have to go to church?

  36. Fox News Morphs into The National Enquirer…

  37. Surprise: Obama wants to divert money away from ICE

  38. Progress: Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has decided to terminate all state funding to Planned Parenthood.

  39. Words and Bonds

  40. My take on the Presidential Horserace after last night’s debate (s)

  41. #WhiteLivesNotSoMuch

  42. My Butterflies – Release them to Fly!

  43. Selling Baby Parts, is just good business?

  44. Where the Flies Gather…


  46. RESET!!

  47. Rope Ladder

  48. A present, I guess….

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