My Article Read (8-6-2015)


Dog, Newspaper4

  1. Who Da’ Thunk It? Only In Ontario, Eh?

  2. Why I Do What I Do

  3. Two questions every wife asks that most husbands don’t even hear

  4. 7 Responses to Reasoned Resistance

  5. Sticky Note From God 07.28.15

  6. I Love My Sunday Morning Rides

  7. GOP Congressman Confronts Obama on Twitter About ‘Secret’ Iran ‘Side Deals,’ Gets This Response Back

  8. Spring Cleaning and a Few Random Thoughts

  9. Geraldo threatens Trump adviser: ‘I’m going to kick your racist ass’; social media laughs out loud

  10. Praying Through Psalms: 21 – 23

  11. Nuggets – The Witness of Creation

  12. Midday at the Morris Canal

  13. “All you need is a personal relationship with Jesus!”

  14. Fox News Announces Debate Format – Two Tiers: Top Ten and Bottom Seven…

  15. No Greater Love

  16. In A Twinkling of An Eye ~

  17. Critical Theory– the unrecognised force subverting the West


  19. Take Time with Gabor Dvornik

  20. Cat That Chewed Your Two Shoes

  21. Nigerian Human Rights Activist Blasts Obama; Says Bush Did More For Africa

  22. Condescendingly Self-Important Megyn Kelly Interviews Ted Cruz – Can you spot the “tells”?…

  23. Eyes gleaming—–

  24. Sticky Note From God 08.04.15

  25. Squandered

  26. Prostitution… Not a Choice Willfully Made

  27. Quote Of The Day — August 5, 2015

  28. Praise Yah!

  29. Home Front in Early WWII

  30. Enthusiasm

  31. Critical Theory

  32. Wednesday’s Words

  33. FBI checking out security of Hillary’s e-mail server

  34. Your money or your life

  35. NEVER Underestimate What a Little Kindness Can do.

  36. Obama tells truth for once. Iran may use released sanction money for terrorism…

  37. New Hampshire defunds Planned Parenthood…

  38. That is Cecile Richards who is the President of Planned Parenthood

  39. Progs are very quiet about this:

  40. The Iron Legion:

  41. Riiiiight…….

  42. Daily Vertical – Putin’s Propaganda Fail

  43. In the end .. You’ll win

  44. You’re Special

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