My Article Read (8-4-2015) (8-5-2015)


Dog, Newspaper3

  1. DOJ’s Office of Legal Council Blocking IG Investigations

  2. A Friendly Visit – Short Story

  3. Where Was God?

  4. All is Everything

  5. When Nurses See More Than Birth and Babies – By Shelly Lopez Gray


  7. Best Changes in Windows 10?

  8. Qualcomm Lays Off Americans While Simultaneously Seeking More Foreign Workers | The Daley Gator

  9. Satan’s Bid For Your Child Part 4-Narcotics

  10. And the New FEATURED is…

  11. Visit to Nyarugusu Refugee Camp Part I

  12. Comments from the Cheap Seats

  13. Why Your To-Do List is Broken

  14. Why Your To-Do List is Broken and How You Can Fix It

  15. Memphis Cop Killer, Tremaine Wilbourn, Turns Himself In To Federal Marshals…

  16. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  17. VIDEO Trump builds his political machine – Surges – Proved Right AGAIN! Illegal Aliens Murder More – Jeb’s AMNESTY

  18. Comfort of Christ

  19. What this decorated Iraq war vet found on his windshield is DESPICABLE and his Response

  20. Thank God for Conviction

  21. Spiritual Radiance Comes from an Inner Witness

  22. Stump For The Trump: “One Shot”..

  23. Sassy

  24. Update: Calling All Married Couples

  25. Reality Check!

  26. Reviving Myself This Week

  27. Blogging 101 Day one

  28. Dear Auntie Linda, August 3, 2015

  29. Am I Really Following Jesus?

  30. A Mother’s Plea… Against Teen Sex

  31. Quote Of The Day — August 4, 2015

  32. Etchings of Our Memories

  33. If Only

  34. Praise Yah!

  35. Breaking: Breaking my break for the 5th Planned Parenthood undercover video…

  36. Stupid Criminal Alert: Carjacker with knife targets two undercover detectives in unmarked car…

  37. The Weight of Glory and Honor

  38. News from Germany, Tuesday, August 3, 1943

  39. ‘Netherlands abandoning multiculturalism’

  40. The Neighborhood’s Top 10 Cities by No. of Visitors


  42. Siri-ously need a break from all this!


  1. Why does the Republican Party Exist?

  2. Influence: What is Zeal ? | What is Reproach ?

  3. Ivana Trump: “I think Donald would make an incredible President”…

  4. Facts About Mahatma Gandhi

  5. Southern Sayings

  6. ‘The Lives We Live’ A Reality Show episode 4: The Artists Collaboration Round

  7. Excellence Award

  8. Saltwater Says: Listen to the Canadian!

  9. Snowden Revelation Confirms Existence of ECHELON Surveillance System

  10. 3D Printer Can Create and Personalise Medication

  11. Fast and Furious Gun Used in Muhammad Cartoon Shooting

  12. Planned Parenthood’s Big Lie About Mammograms

  13. Sticky Note to God 08.04.15


  15. Safety Plan

  16. A Concentration Camp Survivor’s Gratitude

  17. Wherever I went, misfortune followed me

  18. Time Keeps on Slipping Into the Future

  19. My Girls

  20. Hillary wedded to Planned Parenthood, with union support

  21. Seeing Jesus

  22. Every dog has its day

  23. God sends a Warning to America through a vision given to Oral Roberts

  24. “I don’t understand”…….

  25. Jesus is Coming

  26. Scrubbed

  27. Time

  28. Another butterfly

  29. Obama Flies to Alaska…to Warn About Global Warming

  30. The Real Work of Leaders

  31. Donald Trump Turns His Cellphone Voicemail Into a Campaign Ad…

  32. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  33. Memoirs of a Paralegal – How I Survived my First (Almost) Year in a Law Firm

  34. U.S. Pays Black Comedian to Deliver Anti-White Racist Tirade at Fed Agency

  35. Call To Action

  36. Meet the Fox News Prime Time Debate Lineup…

  37. Don’t let others steal or sell you faith

  38. Two Line Jokes

  39. If White people are so bad,then

  40. Why Trump matters:

  41. Why I will always be a smalltime Blogger

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