My Article Read (8-3-2015)


Dog, Newspaper2

  1. How To Solve The Illegal Immigration Problem – Part I : How Illegal’s Gain Employment…

  2. Speaking of the Truth…

  3. Sticky Note to God 07.28.15

  4. Praying Through Psalms: 15 – 17


  6. Fire in the Bones

  7. Post-Rainy-Day Photos

  8. Facing Challenges and Overcoming Adversity

  9. Butterfly

  10. Navigating the Risk – Team Clinton Release Two-Page Doctor Health Statement as “Medical Records”…

  11. Will Biden, Kerry jump into the 2016 White House race?


  13. Police officer killed in Memphis traffic stop; black police chief SLAMS ‘black lives matter’

  14. Frozen by Doubt and Fear

  15. Meet n Greet and Reblogging

  16. Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset Indian Ocean, Zanzibar

  17. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  18. Trump Towers – Reuters Poll Shows Trump With 30% Support and Growing….

  19. I Don’t Want to See ~

  20. MB Obama Shows His True Anti-Semitic Muslim Roots – Stopped Being a “Christian” American Upon Election to POTUS

  21. Breathe

  22. Jesus Will Come

  23. Another Photoshoot!

  24. . . . she shall be praised!

  25. Lack of Sleep

  26. 15-Year-Old Hispanic Rapes and Murders 8-Year-Old White Girl – Wanted To Know How People Would React…

  27. Inspirational Song for Today: Drops in the Ocean (Ephesians 3: 17-18)

  28. Breaking: tragic accident

  29. Quote Of The Day — August 1, 2015

  30. Six word Saturday

  31. Happy Caturday

  32. Just a Thought

  33. How To Find Gratitude In Having A Tough Life

  34. The Table of Nations, Genesis 10

  35. Just a Thought

  36. Monday…

  37. Obama unveils plans to skyrocket your electric bill today

  38. Navy denies any charges have been filed against Officer who defended against Navy Reserve Center shooter…

  39. Oh, FFS!!

  40. With You

  41. Early Morning Blessing

6 thoughts on “My Article Read (8-3-2015)

  1. Hey! Thanks for always reading and linking back to my posts I really appreciate it and so far have liked the other posts you mention in your to read posts! (y)

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