My Article Read (8-2-2015)


Dog, Newspaper1

  1. VIDEO Only a Sinner

  2. President Stompy Feet Declares He Doesn’t Want To Turn Over White House To Someone He Disagrees With….

  3. Paul and Jerusalem – What do you think?

  4. Soul Love

  5.  What We Can’t Understand

  6. EPIC – Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Can’t Define Difference Between Socialist and Democrat….

  7. Ebola Setback in Sierra Leone

  8. Sticky Note to God 07.31.15

  9. Judge who blocked Planned Parenthood videos RAISED $230,000 for OBAMA

  10. Knox County Clerk Under Fire For Telling The Truth About Muslims On Facebook

  11. Friday’s Fiction

  12. Above and below he roars…

  13. Debt Limit Debate

  14. Just a Thought on Danger

  15. A Happy Birthday

  16. It’s Break Time!!

  17. Forgiveness in Charleston…

  18. Favorite Song Fridays – Chasing the Sun

  19. The Power of the Cross

  20. Democrat vs Socialist: is it a trick question?

  21. Find and Repair a 230kV 800Amp Oil-Filled Power Cable Fault

  22. 10 Things We All Want From Our Leaders

  23. Meet n Greet and Reblogging Links

  24. What Shall We Do? ~ SoS Saturday

  25. Nuggets : The Peculiar Sleep of the Beloved

  26. Newsflash! World Taken Hostage by Four Horsemen as Apostate Church Thrives!

  27. first star of the evening

  28. Should Believers Stay Silent About Their Beliefs?

  29. I am in Love with Another Man and My Husband Knows It.

  30. Who Will?

  31. Stagnation: Workers get only 0.2% pay increase in 1st Quarter…

  32. Tweet of the Day: Instapundit zings Jon Stewart’s last show…

  33. Invasion. Facilitated by our masters.


  35. GoodReads now has some good reads… by me

  36. Texas unites with 16 other states in massive important decision

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