My Article Read (8-1-2015)


Dog, Newspaper

  1. Writing to GRIP

  2. Good but Not Great

  3. Persecution Of Christians Is Intensifying As Anti-Christian Hatred Sweeps The Entire World

  4. The Inevitable – The Daily Beast Begins The Personal Attacks To Tear Down Trump….

  5. HE LIFTS US UP: Abandonment and Rejection…

  6. It Takes Faith to Worship

  7. Exercise Your Mind

  8. The Toxic Leader Score

  9. Arthritic

  10. 3 Lies About Spiritual Growth You Need To Know

  11. My Incredible Day

  12. Your flowers

  13. Nutsrok Meets VanBytheRiver

  14. A WordPress Summit

  15. Leader of President Obama’s Anti-ISIS Strategy Kidnapped in Syria….

  16. When My Blog Died

  17. Daily Recap

  18. Don’t Be Hard Hearted ~

  19. The ‘Wicked God’ of the Bible

  20. VIDEO Asset Forfeiture, How Cops Continue to Steal Americans’ Hard Earned Cash with Zero Repercussions

  21. VIDEO The price of shame

  22. Our Love for God

  23. Our View of God’s Presence Is Not Pantheism

  24. Mystery

  25. Give A Little

  26. Friday fiction: Puppy Love.

  27. Sticky Note From God 07.30.15

  28. Why did I ever . . . ?

  29. Donation for Flood Stricken People 2012

  30. Endless Echoes… of Kindness or Abuse

  31. the singers had built themselves villages all around Jerusalem

  32. Quote Of The Day — July 31, 2015

  33. Sagrada Familia: The Colorful Forest of Columns

  34. Meet and Greet…Saturday a New Featured!!!

  35. Connecting the Dots on Crimes Against Children

  36. What To Do When You’re Wounded

  37. Loved by God – Guest post

  38. He Touched Me

  39. Making Money on Benghazi With Big Contracts & Illegal Foreign Security

  40. Dead and Registered: County Sued for Having More Voters Than Live Citizens

  41. Another mini heat wave…

  42. Good News: Jeb Bush wants to govern like Lyndon Johnson…

  43. Leftists hate free speech:

  44. You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!


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