My Article Read (7-31-2015)


Couple, Newspaper1


  2. Sunday Photo Fiction:

  3. Quote Of The Day — July 27, 2015

  4. Tribalmystic is Being Revamped

  5. Motivational Monday

  6. VIDEO AR-15-Wielding Business Owner Defends Shop from Stupid Armed Robbers

  7. Writing Encouragement

  8. BOOM! Shock Poll: Donald Trump Leads Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio in Florida… (full poll data included)

  9. Nuggets – Lord, we need You!

  10. Not Just Hillary – Clinton Staffer Delivers 20,000 Work-Related Emails From Private Account….

  11. The Devil’s Greatest Trick – A Christian’s Critical Skill

  12. Do Christians have to obey the Old Testament law?

  13. The joy of……saving

  14. Sticky Note From God 07.29.15

  15. Joke of the Day

  16. Practical Evangelism: Taking the Roof Off\

  17. Restoration 2

  18. Oh My – Local News Station Reports On Hillary’s Appearance – The Bloom Is Off The Ruse….

  19. The Great I AM

  20. Featured Photographer: Leo Moreno

  21. Birds Talking – Poetry – Drawing

  22. God Speaks! | DebBe Still and Listen

  23. Current News

  24. Ex-Planned Parenthood Director Reveals All

  25. Pistol-Packing Pastor – Shoots Burglar

  26. Evangelism Tip: Two Religions

  27. Daily Devotion-July 30,2015-More Promises From God

  28. Making a Difference

  29. As God Provides

  30. Just a Thought

  31. Junior Legislator’s Score Card

  32. Who’s In Your Family?

  33. MSNBC found Hillary’s none position ‘a little disconcerting’

  34. Do Good

  35. Sticky Note to God 07.30.15

  36. Philosophy and Morality

  37. she’s even closer than my heart to me

  38. There’s Good People EVERYWHERE

  39. Paglia on Trump: and Fiorina, Oh My

  40. When God Corrects You

  41. Benediction

  42. My Final Thoughts

  43. Memoirs of a Paralegal – How I Survived my First Almost Year in a Law Firm

  44. Cherished Blogfest

  45. When The Moment Is Right, Cure Electile Dysfunction

  46. How the truth became politically incorrect to Obama

  47. Favorite Song Fridays

  48. Dog days of summer

  49. Encourage One Another-Light Shines In the Darkness

  50. You Shall Flourish

  51. Friday Fun Video: Hillary Clinton Plays Dodgeball | SUPERcuts! #221

  52. Report: 7-Eleven store clerk refuses to sell to man because he had military ID.

  53. But But But somebody killed a lion in Africa..

  54. Palin on Trump:

  55. “Hallelujah”

  56. Adversity – then Promotion!


  58. Cecilia and Deji

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