My Article Read (7-30-2015)


Couple, Newspaper

  1. Message for America Psalm 78

  2. A Camera Opens New Doors – Tribalmystic Blog

  3. DHS Drone Program Lies: About Cost, Efficiency & Where We Drone


  5. Bits And Pieces

  6. Jo’s Monday walk : Egton Bridge

  7. What Should you do if there is an Active Shooter?

  8. Sticky Note to God 07.29.15

  9. Watcher of Weasels Nominations: Pieces in our Time Edition

  10. Former WH aide Linda Tripp breaks 20-year silence to annihilate Hillary: She must NEVER become president

  11. Random Thoughts

  12. UPCHUCK ALERT! Obama says “I’m a Pretty Good President.”

  13. Are You Ready?

  14. When Effort is High But Performance is Low

  15. How May I Help You?

  16. The Gift of God

  17. Breaking! Anti-Israel academic boycotters STILL don’t like being boycotted

  18. Bags of Blessings (Feeding Hungry Children)

  19. The Harvest is Plentiful, but… [The Effective Prayer 7.28.15]


  21. The B.I.B.L.E. Scenarios 🙂

  22. Kerry, Jarrett and Iran deal

  23. Heritage of The Lord

  24. The Complexities of Morality

  25. Praying Through Psalms 18

  26. Nuggets – The Faith of Our Mothers

  27. Holy Is Our King – Worship Wednesday

  28. When the Ash and Smoke Settle

  29. Aircraft Wreckage Found Near Madagascar Could Be Missing Malaysia Airlines MH-370 …

  30. Heaven in our home

  31. President Obama’s Companion Rep For Criminal Justice Reform Arrested Today! (Bribery, Conspiracy, Wire-Fraud, Racketeering)…

  32. Buffalo Theory of Beer

  33. A Living Sacrifice

  34. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  35. Quote Of The Day — July 30, 2015

  36. Mega-Quake Would Destroy Big Portion Of Pacific Northwest – First Warning

  37. One Accord

  38. Just a Thought

  39. VIDEO American Sniper Trains Army Of Christians, Defeats ISIS – MB Obama Judge Fines School Over Christian Prayer

  40. The Ever-Evolving Morality Dilemma

  41. The Body is not meant for Sexual Immorality, but for the Lord

  42. The Wicked ~

  43. Praying Through Psalms: 15 – 17

  44. Making Christ Wait

  45. Wrong Desires Pervert Our Moral Judgments

  46. VIDEO Days of Elijah Worship Video

  47. singing with grace in your heart for God

  48. Band aids don’t work

  49. I Will Testify!!

  50. The word of Yahweh is pure!

  51. Video #4: The Butchers of Planned Parenthood: “It’s another boy!”…

  52. Federal Court orders EPA to rewrite pollution rules…

  53. Shameful: Obama threatens to veto bill that holds VA employees accountable for their jobs…

  54. Sometimes Right Things Win

  55. I’ll bet this will have ISIS shaking in their boots

  56. Europe simmering….

  57. Cecil

  58. Colin Craig threatens to sue for defamation

  59. Pray and Pay Attention in these Last Days

  60. Time to Fight with your Spiritual Weapons

  61. The Man on Ikorodu Road

  62. This is why I’m hardly spontaneous

  63. BOOM: Donald Trump’s Pick For Attorney General… Liberals’ Worst Nightmare

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