My Article Read (7-27-2015)


Coffee, News

  1. Seattle: #RaiseTheWage, choose to work less

  2. Yes, I Know

  3. If there is one thing that might get me to revisit atheism…

  4. It’s Not Just ISIS – Mother of 5 Sentenced to Death for Being a Christian!

  5. Joke of the Day

  6. Sticky Note From God 07.24.15

  7. Team Mosby Gnashes Teeth, Stomp Feet, Threaten To Seek Sanctions Against Defense Team…

  8. A Loving God

  9. Six word Saturday

  10. Satan’s Bid For Your Child Part 3

  11. I was made for this… ~ SoS Saturday

  12. And Featured is…

  13. Hillary Clinton Faces Firestorm On Potential DOJ Investigation

  14. Happiness Bagged in a Suitcase

  15. Sheriff Jones California De Facto Sanctuary State

  16. Sticky Note to God 07.25.15

  17. There’s Something “Not Quite Right” with Hillary’s Campaign

  18. Charpai a delight

  19. Obama and his Kenya Muslim sharia law support

  20. ***Spread the Love***

  21. Solution Saturday: What Would You Do

  22. Seek To Add Value To Your World

  23. “On Point” with Tomi Lahren

  24. ‘You’re Fired’ – Donald Trump Bans Des Moines Register From IA Event

  25. Happy Caturday

  26. Oh The Glory

  27. Jesus was Nowhere to be Found

  28. The Gospel Mandate

  29. Spreading the secret

  30. Sen. Ted Cruz at Hearing on the Administration’s Immigration Enforcement

  31. Joyful ‘Toons – Rain of grace

  32. Vacation Is Over…

  33. Nuggets – Inherit the Wind

  34. Remember Self Worth

  35. US Southern Border: Camera Folly, Extortion and Deceit

  36. Hillary trails on campaign trail

  37. Sleepless

  38. A better day

  39. President Obama Blocks Independent Inspector General Investigations – Demands They Must Seek Cabinet Approvals For Investigative Activity….

  40. Veterans Group Makes a HUGE Announcement About Trump / McCain Controversy – BB4SP

  41. Grace for the Race ~

  42. The Quote Challenge-Day 2

  43. A word fitly spoken and in due season . . .

  44. There is no rule on how to write

  45. Cardboard Kayak Race 2015: The Thrill of Victory… And the Delight of Defeat

  46. “Not One Iote or One Title…”:A Plea for Original Spelling

  47. Dr Charles Krauthammer

  48. “Unfair! Unfair!”

  49. Sen. Heller: RINO John McCain ‘Wouldn’t Accept’ Amendment to Arm Troops on Bases Before Chattanooga Attack, Trump pegged McCain

  50. Tiny House Progress-July 25

  51. Sunday Feel Good Story – July 26, 2015

  52. Dave and John have a telephone conversation

  53. Senate RINO’s stampede to rebuke Ted Cruz for calling Mitch McConnell a liar…

  54. Based on the logic used, I agree with this…

  55. FFS!

  56. Wanna buy a bridge? Cheap?

  57. America and coming Mark of the beast

  58. America Repent! The Kingdom of Heaven comes!

  59. Understanding the Doctrine of Grace

  60. August Glory, The First Wave!

  61. The Prayers of the Rich

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