My Article Read (7-26-2015)


Coffee, Juice, Newspaper

  1. The art of happiness

  2. Literary Lion. AM. – Early Morning Frost

  3. Can Atheists Be Intimidating?

  4. Bible Verses Deleted

  5. True Love

  6. U.S. Chamber of Commerce Spends $17.9 Million Lobbying Senate For Trans-Pacific Trade Deal….

  7. Five Dead, Two Seriously Injured – Oklahoma Family of Five Stabbed to Death….

  8. Will Science Destroy ‘Purpose Driven’ Theology?

  9. THE TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY (Posted 3rd Time)

  10. Democrats drop use of all ‘racist’ currency

  11. Sticky Note From God 07.23.15

  12. Authentic

  13. Please Pass The Mustard Seed

  14. Our Self-Reflection~~Through God’s Eyes

  15. If You Can’t Refute the Truth Go After the Truth Tellers

  16. There Will Be Blood — LGBT Will March Through Muslim Community

  17. Meet the 38 Companies That Donate to Planned Parenthood

  18. VIDEO Florida Man Ordered by City to Keep BBQ Smell From Leaving His Property

  19. LA car dealer ad whacks at Trump piñata; social media punches RIGHT BACK

  20. SO DREAM

  21. “Am I going to hell if I don’t believe?” – a response

  22. Plastic Bags

  23. Folks, I Can’t Make This Up!

  24. DoD and President – Dereliction of Duty

  25. Mechanics With ♥ Heart ♥

  26. Sticky Note to God 07.24.15

  27. Meet Your Maker – Light of the World

  28. Press On

  29. A Milestone is Reached Today.

  30. How to Create Dissatisfaction that Energizes

  31. The Beauty of Color

  32. Peaceful Explosion: How’s that for Half and Half

  33. Noah’s Sons, Genesis 9:18-28

  34. It Actually Sucks To Be Me, This is Why

  35. Return to Form

  36. Can’t Buy Me Love – II – SoS Saturday

  37. Nuggets – Righteous Boldness

  38. Upwards

  39. Allen West on Obama’s Iranian deal

  40. Close Up

  41. BREAKING – Intelligence Inspector General Says Hillary Clinton Sent Classified Information On Private Email Server…

  42. Meet and Greet session…


  44. Donald Trump Crushes Field In Yet Another Poll Today – Glenn Beck Refuses To Talk “Trump” – And Trump Begins To Sell Campaign Items “Make America Great Again”…

  45. The righteous falls AND rises!

  46. My Joy ~

  47. Two-Way Traffic

  48. The Foolish Man: No Store of Eternal Treasure

  49. Polls indicate Trump does not hurt GOP with Hispanics

  50. Happy birthday, John Newton

  51. HE LIFTS US UP: Legacy: What Are You Leaving for Your Future Generations?

  52. ————breaking the shackles

  53. Wounded… But “Flawless” in God’s Eyes

  54. Hillary, illegals to Trump to guns road tour

  55. The Serpentine Pavilion – Cool Stuff

  56. Turkey bombs our Kurdish allies who are fighting ISIS…

  57. Actual Good News: “Jihadi John” Is On The Run…

  58. Reversing our cultural collapse. God told us long ago how..

  59. Norfolk Island grab:


  61. The Bible: Our Authority and Guide

  62. Prayer For Hope

  63. Life Is Good~

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