My Article Read (7-25-2015)


Coffee, Glasses, Newspaper

  1. Circling the Sun by Paula McLain – NetGalley ARC: To be released early July 2015

  2. What You Need

  3. If at First…

  4. Lessons on Love

  5. Saturday evening stroll

  6. Quote Of The Day — July 25, 2015

  7. A $oul 4 $ale

  8. Did Obama Just Provoke a Constitutional Crisis? Is it (finally) Time to Impeach Him?

  9. Site M and Directive 20 – Partially Declassified

  10. Clownfish Close-Up

  11. But That’s Impossible! ~ From the Archives

  12. Do You Nook? (Encounters Update)

  13. Empty Rhetoric

  14. Breaking the Glum-Leader Syndrome

  15. God’s Prescription Shop 🙂

  16. Balaam’s ass, the patron saint of apologists

  17. 5 Men of God We Can Learn Lessons From

  18. One Dollar

  19. Beyond birdwatching in Candaba

  20. Two Great Wonders of Bohol

  21. A Fun Experience With Skin-Nibbling Fish

  22. A simple update

  23. Silence is Golden

  24. Belgium arrests two ex-Guantanamo inmates on jihad terrorism charges

  25. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  26. Hillary Weighs In On Planned Parenthood Video Controversy – Harvesting Baby Parts “Very Important Services”…

  27. New Documents Show IRS Used Donor Lists to Target Audits…

  28. Donald Trump Discusses Circumstances Which Would Trigger a Consideration Of Third Party Run…

  29. Feisty Granny!

  30. Vagina, Boobs, and Poop (Part 9)

  31. Widespread touchscreen ordering to come to NYC fast food restaurants by next year?

  32. Let’s Talk Revival!

  33. Just a Thought

  34. Daily Devotion-July 24, 2015-Who’s In Charge Here?

  35. Just a Thought

  36. King of Kings

  37. Fix Our Eyes

  38. Nuggets – Showers of Blessings

  39. Encourage One Another-Battle Hymns

  40. Family Disputes

  41. Gates

  42. I’m Back!!

  43. Good Evening!

  44. Plant It and They Will Come

  45. Designing a great match…

  46. Unborn Sacrifices ~

  47. Planned Parenthood status: Running and on fire – Companies Love Misery – 7 Questions for Planned Parenthood Supporters

  48. The Reality of Pride

  49. VIDEO The Spiritual Battle Belongs To The Lord and Contentment

  50. Obama and Mohamed ElBaradei: A Unique Connection – IAEA Parchin Iran

  51. We ARE Important

  52. Shock Poll: Veterans view Trump better than McCain…

  53. I heard the Lord say: Morning has Broken and MOURNING has Broken

  54. Admit it, Dems: Hillary Could Strangle a Puppy on Live TV, and You’d Still Back Her (UPDATED: It’s worse than you think)

  55. this my friend is no friend to Israel or to the world

  56. Prosecute them!

  57. But nine dead is a “massacre”

  58. The danger in setting goals


  60. Why Donald Trump is not going to go way

  61. Construction Worker On A Busy Interstate Sees Car Speeding Towards Him. That’s When She Jumped Out.

  62. Son’s Comical Obituary for Mom Goes Viral. Now a World of People Say They Wish They’d Met Her.

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