My Article Read (7-24-2015)


Coffee, Cookies, Newspaper

  1. Day 200: Tights Can SO Be Pants!

  2. Sunday Morning Love

  3. Why Aiming for Fame is Depressing

  4. Learn From the Greeks

  5. Honest Honey the Fish are Dead – (Non-Fiction)

  6. Pass It Along

  7. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  8. Illegal Alien Crime Wave For Texas – Stats and Documented Verification…

  9. Woah – Planned Parenthood Tells Congress Future Expose’ Videos Will Be Even Worse, Much Worse….

  10. Donald Trump is Headed To Texas/Mexico Border – Governor Rick Perry is Panicked and Apoplectic…

  11. Executive Branch Blackmail – ICE Director: We Will Not Enforce Immigration Laws Unless Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislation is Passed…

  12. Branco Cartoon – Fight Club

  13. Nuggets – The God of Heaven

  14. God Is Love Sermon (1 John 4)

  15. God Is Love

  16. Uplifting Moving Image of the Day Shows the Magic of a Mother’s Touch

  17. Testing A Ford Fusion with Ford Canada

  18. Road Signs ~

  19. Sticky Note to God 07.23.15

  20. Sticky Note From God 07.22.15

  21. VIDEO Five Years of Failures of Dodd-Frank

  22. Surprise! The States Can Reject the Iran Deal

  23. The Old Cross and the New Cross

  24. VIDEO Trust and Obey

  25. Love so Amazing, so Divine

  26. Ask Auntie Linda July 22, 2015

  27. Open Letter to Rick Perry and All Presidential Candidates:

  28. Proud to be Pakistani

  29. SOME RANDOM THOUGHTS — a reblog

  30. Episode two – Vote

  31. Milestone 1337 __(‘”)_(^_^)_(“‘)___

  32. ‘The Lives We Live’ A Reality Show – episode two

  33. Holy Letters

  34. Leadership

  35. Hacking Team and Boeing Built Cyber Weaponized Drones to Spy on Targets

  36. The Clash of Religion and Culture

  37. Brother – Poem

  38. Friday’s Forum

  39. Seattle Trying to Ban Land Ownership in Name of Equality

  40. Seaton Delaval Hall gardens

  41. Your Rock Is Christ

  42. ✞ Music “How Can It Be” by Lauren Daigle

  43. Encouragements: Rejected And Forsaken

  44. Florida’s East Coast in WWII

  45. Quote Of The Day — July 24, 2015

  46. Judge Slams State Department Over 4 Year FOIA Delay

  47. Donald Trump Goes On The Record

  48. New Reporter Response to Attacks on Marines

  49. We Don’t Need Immigrants to Take Jobs in America!!

  50. Amazing Grace from Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler

  51. WH Office of Propaganda: ‘No truth to Planned Parenthood clips’

  52. King Solomon’s Advice for Donald Trump

  53. The Real Writer in the Family

  54. A Journey Through Song

  55. Know any Gossips?

  56. Rededication of the flesh

  57. IG sample of Hillary private server email found ten percent was classified….

  58. How many LAPD Officers does it take to apprehend a man in a wheelchair? 10 and a taser?

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