My Article Read (7-23-2015)


Chipmunk, Newspaper2

  1. A Maasai Welcome to Zanzibar

  2. Welcome to Vintage Voyages!

  3. Crying on The Way to Happiness

  4. Thirty Four Years Ago Today . . .

  5. Sincerity Counts

  6. Daily Devotion-July 23, 2015-Philadelphia, A Revived Church

  7. One Liner Wednesday

  8. Takin’ it to the Streets

  9. Daily Devotion-July 22, 2015-A Warning for Smyrna

  10. Isn’t She Lovely?

  11. Jacqueline “Jackie” Hinson – “Jackie the Riveter” (1923-2014)

  12. I Am Free – Part 3

  13. Where You Go, I Go ~ Wednesday Worship

  14. Giving Thanks-Psalm 100

  15. Uniquely U Designed 4 Purpose

  16.  spf: C’est La Vie

  17. God Is Love Sermon (1 John 4)


  19. Quote Of The Day — July 23, 2015

  20. Another Gun Shop Declared ‘Muslim-Free Zone’

  21. Lieberman: Enough Opposition to Iran Nuclear Deal in Congress to Override Veto

  22. Mrs. AL’s Pinecone of the Week Award – July 22, 2015

  23. Sitting Ducks – No Cover

  24. Inspirational (Travel) Quote

  25. Inspirational (Ocean) Quote

  26. Donald Trump vs John McCain – July 2015


  28. VIDEO Trump: Iran Deal ‘Outrage,’ ‘Weak’ GOP Congress MB Obama To Blame – Gen:Trump has a point on McCain – Joe Scarborough

  29. Allen West sets crowd on FIRE as Obama’s Iran-deal protest fills Times Square

  30. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  31. The Chattanooga Shooter’s “Muslim Brotherhood” Uncle Has Been Detained in Jordan….

  32. Vacation Benefits

  33. Link Up

  34. Is That What You Want

  35. A GOOD name . . . rather than silver and gold!

  36. Wednesday’s Words

  37. Sticky Note to God 07.22.15

  38. 5 Ways to Face the Challenges of Coaching Teammates

  39. Planned Parenthood and lies about mammograms

  40. Celebrate!  I am getting OLD!

  41. Thanks to one and all.

  42. Encourage One Another-Lights Shines In the Darkness

  43. One Father’s Act of Anonymous Kindness Left a Lasting Impression

  44. Pretending to Be Crazy

  45. This seems to be a “non-hero” action by John McCain. A friend I trust sent me this.

  46. Satan’s Bid For Your Child Part 2

  47. Dogs Don’t Look Both Ways by Jane Hanser

  48. That sinking feeling

  49. Guilty

  50. Sharpton sees climate change opening in Ozone

  51. House Speakers surrenders again on spending bills before the battle seriously begins…

  52. Confirmed: IRS targeted donors to Tea Party 501(c)(4) organizations for audits…

  53. Nancy Pelosi wants to investigate PP over videos of them selling fetal baby parts. J/K She wants to investigate the group that filmed the videos…

  54. A Messianic Prophecy of Judgment

  55. Shame on Target and it’s idiot lawyers. Spread this.. they need to be called out

  56. NZ’s ripoff electricity prices:

  57. Marcus on Trump:

  58. Uncommon Valor

  59. America: The Trumpet is Sounding!

  60. Grateful for…….sleep.

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