My Article Read (7-22-2015)


Chipmunk, Newspaper1

  1. Kicking the Fitness ‘Fad’ Habits

  2. Easy Summer Banana Ice Cream

  3. Weight loss struggles

  4. Food, Glorious Food – Celebrations And Holidays!!!

  5. Struggles from the womb

  6. Test The Spirits

  7. Sun and Shield

  8. Quote Of The Day — July 22, 2015

  9. Another View of McCain’s Military Career

  10. Know History or Repeat It

  11. Blog/Link Party

  12. Sticky Note to God 07.21.15

  13. Sticky Note From God 07.21.15

  14. Estranged ~

  15. The Complete List of Toxic Behaviors that Poison Teams

  16. He Taught This Senior To Use Computers and the Internet, She Thanked Him with a Letter Typed in Word

  17. Black officer who helped KKK supporter says policing is helping people ‘regardless of beliefs’

  18. Contributor rules

  19. Do you ever feel unqualified?

  20. Grace

  21. The Search is Over

  22. Great News!  I have a sore muscle!

  23. VIDEO Gay Baker Defends Christian Bakers for Refusing “Same Sex” Wedding Cake

  24. VIDEO Thanks Obama, Racial Div Will Never End – Turkish PM ‘Black Man We Needed In The WH’, Vows To Revive Ottoman Empire

  25. Governor Scott Walker signs ban on pain-capable abortions

  26. You can do Hard Things

  27. Joke

  28. 20 Bible Verses for When You Need God’s Light

  29. Staccato

  30. Nuggets – Habitation for God


  32. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  33. Mother of Murdered Teen Pleads To Congress and Thanks Donald Trump…

  34. Zimmerman Case Aftermath Continues – Legal Fees To Defend Jacksonville State Attorney Angela Corey $150,000 So Far….

  35. Donald Trump In South Carolina Today – Responds To Senator Lindsey Graham Smear…

  36. McCain, politics as usual

  37. What faith stands on!

  38. Smyrna, The suffering Church

  39. Just a Thought

  40. Just a Thought

  41. Is Your Line Busy?

  42. Christian Experience: Encounter with God

  43. Summer Reading List

  44. The real reason North Korea has mandatory voting

  45. Anabaptist Foundations

  46. What Jesus has said about how a watchman for God watches

  47. Magical thinking

  48. West Point revokes diplomas of Confederate graduates

  49. Yogurt And God

  50. Come As You Are

  51. Obama calls Tea Party members stupid…

  52. Amusing Tweet of the Day: Reporters Dumbstruck By Donald Trump…

  53. Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law

  54. What informed people are really thinking:

  55. Paving the way for Islam:

  56. When you get tired of my art

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