My Article Read (7-20-2015)


Children, Newspaper3

  1. Donald Trump Responds To Faux-Controversy “McCain Comments” on ABC This Week… (video)

  2. Baltimore Mayor Brags About Scope, Severity and Duration of Riots, Arson and City Burning….

  3. Daily Devotion-July 20, 2015-The Church That Tolerated Sin

  4. It’s Cookie Day!!

  5. Have A Great Evening!

  6. I Have An Idea and Random Thoughts…

  7. Be Kind and Humble

  8. Just a Thought

  9. Faith that sees the impossible happen…

  10. Pretenses

  11. Daccord – Temps d’apprendre

  12. Live Each Day To The Fullest

  13. A New Chapter

  14. The Journey of the Green man and nihilism

  15. Needles & Cats Eyes

  16. What really happened to Tyrannosaurus rex

  17. The Cure for Tweak-Boss

  18. How Honor Fuels Energy and Gets Results

  19. Thinking About Such Things ~

  20. Sticky Note to God 07.20.15

  21. Sticky Note From God 07.19.15

  22. God and Obligation

  23. HE LIFTS US UP: “Silence”

  24. The Painful Truth About Snowden

  25. Remember so you don’t forget


  27. Deny Yourself

  28. Faith is Hope

  29. HE LIFTS US UP: A Little Inspiration: The Beth Hamilton Story

  30. PTSD: Walk a Mile in My Shoes

  31. Letters to Daddy 8

  32. Letters to Daddy 9

  33. Civil Disobedience? I Don’t Think So.

  34. Spinfest of 2015

  35. Jo’s Monday walk : Seaton Sluice

  36. Quote Of The Day — 07-20-2015

  37. Obama Believed That Any Deal is Better Than No Deal

  38. Thought for Today – July 20, 2015

  39. Huckabee Hits Media Narrative

  40. Willow Run

  41. I Am Free – Part 1

  42. Get up and Eat!

  43. Wondering

  44. Immigration Depends on What The Meaning of “Comprehensive” Is

  45. As His Wife Was Dying, A Small Act of Kindness Made Such a Difference

  46. 4 New Tires = 1 Sweet Act of Kindness

  47. Monday’s Mention

  48. Kerry: ‘Arms and Missile … Were Thrown in as Add-Ons’ to Iran Deal

  49. Get Impatient

  50. The Looming – Short Story

  51. Monochrome Monday: Ocean and Sky

  52. In the Rear View Mirror (Redux)

  53. 33 Valuable Resources on Depression You Need to Know

  54. Wait . . . Yahweh will rescue you!

  55. Church Bulletin Bloopers

  56. The Camp of the Saints…

  57. Obama tries to use reason to convince Congress to support Iran deal. J/K He takes them golfing…

  58. ‘A Time to Confront Our Enemies at Home’

  59. I suspect this is not untypical:

  60. America: A Tornado and Spirit of Deception is coming

  61. What Shapes YOU?

  62. Eulogize the Living God – The Submission of the Believer

  63. Why Social Issues – It’s Time for Revolution, not Rebelution

  64. Happy birthday again!

  65. Heavenly Worship

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