My Article Read (7-19-2015)


Children, Newspaper2

  1. Republican Machine and Gleeful Media Pile On Donald Trump After Comments About John McCain…

  2. Iranian TV Discusses The Nuclear Arms Deal…

  3. Chattanooga Terrorists’ Family Issues Statement…

  4. BRILLIANT ! – It Took Donald Trump Less Than 24 Hours To Make Huffington Post Destroy Their Own Credibility…

  5. Disparate Impact As Official U.S. Policy – White House Administration Gathering Racial Stats on Everything To Support Social Justice….

  6. Pressure From White House/DOJ – FBI Now Says No ISIS Link In Chattanooga Terrorist Attack…

  7. W Is For Watchman — reblogged

  8. Sunday Class Notes: November 17

  9. Dragonfly

  10. The Walk

  11. Attack of the furry fender crunchers!

  12. Why on Earth do You Want to Farm 2.0

  13. An Appreciation For Vegetables…No Really Vegetables

  14. #Goa – aaah! Feel the difference…

  15. Just a Thought

  16. Jesus Paid It All-Part 5-The Payment Was Permanent.

  17. Quote Of The Day — July 19, 2015

  18. McCain is No “Hero”

  19. Why Social Issues?

  20. A Sunday Feel Good Story – A Safe Haven

  21. Judge Jeanine Pirro: Donald Trump Taking Heat For Going After John McCain’s War Record

  22. Trump Goes After John McCain’s War Record

  23. Just a Thought

  24. How has God loved me?

  25. Noticed…

  26. Governors Bobby Jindal, Mary Fallin and Greg Abbott issue order to arm military personnel

  27. Reblogging

  28. Sunday Update

  29. Building Momentum

  30. Momentum

  31. Inspirational Song: My God is King

  32. No Joke: Your Real Questions on Gaslighting Really Answered

  33. Going To Jail?

  34. My Bucket List ~

  35. Sticky Note From God 07.18.15

  36. Sticky Note to God 07.19.15 ~

  37. Satan’s Bid For Your Child Part I

  38. U-Tube Video From Conception to Birth

  39. Why on Earth do You Want to Farm 2.0 | Gardens, Combines, and Memories

  40. A Smile For Labour – Poem

  41. Elders React – 3

  42. THE GIFT

  43. PPhood runs amok in body parts agenda

  44. Chattanooga…to the shores of Tripoli

  45. Cameron Slater- Marxist stooge

  46. Sunday Respite: ‘Arlington’

  47. Solemn Sunday

  48. Yahweh’s purpose WILL stand!

  49. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  50. Five Facts about Giant Clam

  51. Time Of Sorrows

  52. 6 Important Things on My Depression you Need to Know

  53. On Skinks, Horns, and Crepes.

  54. One Flag

  55. Obama collecting personal data for a secret race database…

  56. #BlackLivesMatter protestors shout Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley off Nutroots Nation conference…

  57. Obama plans to seize guns from 4.2 million Americans…

  58. Obama is a Whitey hating Racist pig… Proof is in the evidence

  59. Daniel Greenfield:

  60. Taking McCain off the Protected Species list.

  61. Stop trying to figure it out!

  62. Fighter

  63. VIDEO Dear Man Letter From Satan, Ezekiel Azonwu

  64. Forgiving the Undeserving

  65. VIDEO ‘Real Deal’ Donald Trump goes after Thrice Censured RINO McCain’s war record – McCain’s ISIS Ties Too Numerous For USA

  66. Race against time – Tidsrace

  67. Purple dissolve

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