My Article Read (7-18-2015)


Children, Newspaper1

  1. Hero: Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin orders some military in state to be armed…

  2. Pence allowing Indiana Guardsmen to be armed after attacks

  3. What’s your defects?

  4. Faith That Works-Helping the Sick-James

  5. Just a Thought

  6. Just a Thought

  7. The Lost Art of Being a Lady

  8. Because He Lives

  9. I’m giving away the blog

  10. Commuting


  12. Encourage One Another-Battle Hymns

  13. Rich, mysterious Oriental Mindoro

  14. Batangas: enthralling,majestic

  15. Bacolod: The City of Smiles

  16. Antique: where the mountains meet the sea

  17. ……I’m Just saying

  18. Celebrate!

  19. Why Christian parents get nervous about evidence when teaching Christianity

  20. Buracona Cave Diving: Underwater Light Shows

  21. An interesting road…..!!!

  22. The man in chains……

  23. Prayer for America


  25. The Lost Art of Being a Lady — reblogged

  26. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  27. Judge Hanen Forces DHS To Go Door-To-Door Collecting Illegally Granted Work Authorizations…

  28. Why Donald Trump’s Polling Is Scaring The Hell Out of The Professional Political Class…

  29. The Rainbow Covenant, Genesis 9:8-17

  30. Red Flags You are Dating an Abuser

  31. Quote Of The Day — July 18, 2015

  32. Chattanooga Death Toll is Now at Five

  33. There’s no mystery about why Democrats resist enforcing our immigration laws

  34. Proposed Bill Would Remove US from UN

  35. Obama extends Ramadan greeting after terrorist killed Marines on US soil

  36. Sticky Note From God 07.17.15

  37. Sticky Note to God 07.18.15

  38. You Know it’s Really Hot When……………………………………….

  39. This pretty much sums up my life!

  40. A Message to All: Greater is He!!

  41. How To Catch A Bird

  42. Melanesian Shields: Beautiful War Objects

  43. FFfAW: The Banquet Masterpiece.

  44. Six word Saturday

  45. Our Cultural Expanse: Asian & Pacific Islanders, 1941-1945

  46. A man’s gift makes room for him!

  47. What is America?

  48. What Shall We Do? ~ SoS Saturday

  49. Solution Saturday: Dangling Carrots

  50. God always Speaks, even when we are on Vacation

  51. No Americans will be inspecting Iranian nuclear sites

  52. You Have Messed with the Wrong City

  53. Green Fail: windfarms contaminate the water supply?

  54. Joyful ‘Toons – Tailor

  55. Reblogging

  56. Law of attraction

  57. Decorated Soldiers Gunned Down Like Rabbits in a County Fair Shooting Booth and Suddenly We Need to De-fund Planned Parenthood….

  58. ‘I Was A Conservative Once

  59. “Democracy”

  60. The Band (feat. Paul Butterfield) – Mystery Train

  61. Persecution

  62. Tears of a Teen – The Miracle of Belief

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