My Article Read (7-17-2015)


Children, Newspaper

  1. LOVE

  2. Why are you so nice to me?

  3. New Self thru Christ

  4. God of Wonders

  5. Daily Devotion-July 17, 2015-Thyratira-A Commendation

  6. I Stand Corrected

  7. Just a Thought

  8. Wake up thou that sleepest….

  9. Instruction in wisdom!

  10. Happy, blessed, and fortunate is he!

  11. He who covers and forgives an offense seeks love .

  12. Sheriff America

  13. Lindsey Graham Cracker sounding his trumpet

  14. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  15. Whoopsie – This Is What Happens When You Try To Rob A Convenience Store With A Marine Standing Behind You…

  16. Confederate Flag Syndrome – 2015 The Battle In New Orleans….

  17. National FOX News Poll Shows Donald Trump Leading Field – Scott Walker 2nd – Full polling data pdf included…

  18. The Sunlight Of Hope From A Trustful Soul.

  19. Police Officer, Duke Staples, Enters ‘Father Mode’ At Scene Of a Car Crash and the Photo Goes Viral

  20. A Complete Stranger’s Kindness Towards a Young Grieving Widow

  21. “She Put on a lot of Weight” – By Kathy Sebright

  22. Wednesday Worship

  23. Bullets, blood, sweat and courage; all in a days work for war cameraman Damien Parer.

  24. Army Aviation Engineers

  25. Cold Brisbane: We are feeling the temperature

  26. It’s ‘an act of war, fool’: Michelle Malkin sets Obama straight on wussy comments about Marines killed on US soil

  27. Quote Of The Day — July 17, 2015

  28. Trey Gowdy Shreds Jeh Johnson over Sanctuary Cities

  29. Concealed Carry is Up – Murder Rates are Down

  30. Mark Levin: Obama Has Planted The Seed Of War World 3

  31. Ted Cruz On Iran Deal

  32. Quote Of The Day — July 16, 2015

  33. Trinity

  34. Courage: The Mother of the Virtues

  35. Few Astonishing Photos Of Karachi

  36. That’s a Promise

  37. Wednesday’s Words

  38. Funereal Friday

  39. Meet n Greet and Reblogging

  40. Sticky Note to God 07.15.15

  41. What’s Hate Got To Do With It ~

  42. God has called enough men

  43. 12 Ways to Quickly Energize Your Environment

  44. Governor Bobby Jindal announces investigation of Planned Parenthood

  45. Air Force asks EU for F-35 bailout

  46. Never give up

  47. Melanoma

  48. The crazy myth that more land will fix Auckland’s real estate problems

  49. You Are Not Overlooked

  50. MASKS

  51. I Love My Other GPS

  52. Abuse Victims… Like Pearls Of The Sea

  53. Benches with a past

  54. I Reblogged a movie review because it was about the “Anti-Christ”

  55. Chattanooga – Shades of Benghazi

  56. Chattanooga – Shades of Benghazi 2


  58. Bill Clinton responsible for gun free zones on military bases

  59. Jeh Johnson is an embarrassment…

  60. Donald Trump opposes “gun free zones” at military bases.

  61. Rule One:

  62. America: Mega Quake on N.W. Coast coming!

  63. VIDEO The Gospel

  64. Chattanooga Marines: God Help us ALL

  65. The Future Costs Of Politically Correct Cultism

  66. VIDEO Time to arm our Military – No Such Thing As Radical Islam ‘Lone Gunman’ – MB Obama Honors Islam Before Dead Marines

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