My Article Read (7-16-2015)


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  1. Great White Throne

  2. BREAKING: Michelle Takes Food From U.S. Navy, Sailors Immediately Unleash THIS Response

  3. Daily Devotion-July 16, 2015-The Invitation

  4. Daily Devotion-July 15, 2015-More On Temperatures

  5. One Liner Wednesday

  6. Just a Thought

  7. Seen On a Church Sign-Are We Really Too Busy?

  8. Armor of God

  9. Please God not Man

  10. 5 Confessions of A Christian With Depression You Need to Know

  11. It could of been me…….

  12. Nuggets – Headstone of the Corner

  13. Missions – Preparation – Get a Mission Trip Advisor

  14. In Her Dreams…

  15. 9 Beautiful Semicolon Tattoos Shared to Destigmatize Mental Health Challenges – By Laura Willard

  16. Angry Obama lashes out at CBS’s Major Garrett for ‘loaded’ question; Garrett pays price

  17. Garrett responds to thin-skinned Obama’s public scolding

  18. Al Sharpton picks a fight with Kid Rock — and Rock’s fans are ready to RUMBLE!

  19. Jeb Bush stirs up HORNET’S NEST attacking Trump; Trump’s army fires right back!

  20. Wisconsin Supreme Court stops John Doe investigation against conservatives

  21. TR-UM-P

  22. Fourth of July Fireworks

  23. Ollie’s Pond Park Neglect

  24. You are the salt of the Earth

  25. The God of the Bible is also the God of the genome…

  26. Would a loving God send someone to Hell?

  27. 90 Day Challenge: Day 69 – The Power Of Giving Back

  28. Land Meets Water

  29. Republicans introduce bill to protect natural marriage supporters

  30. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  31. Tragic – Parents Lose Custody Of Adoptive Daughter After Waco “Twin Peaks” Incident…

  32. Floridians In Melbourne Show Up To City Council Debate On Confederate Flag…

  33. President Obama Lies About 24/7 Iranian Nuclear Inspections In National Broadcast….

  34. Oh.My.God. – National Planned Parenthood Director Caught On Tape Trafficking In Baby Parts….

  35. Bumps and Rides

  36. Dear Anxiety,

  37. Could Planned Parenthood be any more ghoulish? @ppact

  38. Nuclear Irony

  39. Put on a happy face

  40. Compassion Fatigue

  41. Mutilation Of A Child’s Spirit

  42. What National would say if they were not so politically corrupt

  43. An Unpopular Message

  44. A Historic Agreement??

  45. Sticky Note From God 07.14.15

  46. The Lull ~

  47. Readers Respond To “Christian Nation” Post

  48. What’s Next For America?

  49. ABUSES! WHY?… Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People

  50. Dealing With Disappointment

  51. Are You Really in Control of Your Life?…

  52. New poll finds Donald Trump Leading Jeb Bush….

  53. But the President is.

  54. For the South

  55. ‘Today’s Warrior Purge in the U.S. military’

  56. Nothing to do with Islam. Again.

  57. Catch the wave of His Glory

  58. A Faith that Keeps Moving!

  59. Transformed Hearts – My Life’s Spiritual Honor and Duty

  60. VIDEO Planned Parenthood’s Deadly Baby Trade and WW II War Crimes – “180” Movie – Our Broken Country

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