My Article Read (7-14-2015)


Cat, Newspaper2

  1. Christian Pastor In Vermont Sentenced To One Year In Prison After Refusing To Marry Gay Couple

  2. Repent, Be Changed for the Better!

  3. Philip The Calculator

  4. America’s Coming Era of Civil Disobedience

  5. Just a Thought

  6. Daily Devotion-July 12, 2015-Heart Temperatures

  7. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  8. Loose End – Interesting Point About Benghazi…

  9. Preach The Word

  10. Expand the Brain!

  11. In Need of Reblog Material

  12. Bloodletting: The Future Of Medicine

  13. Elders React – 2

  14. Jo’s Monday walk : Lealholm to Glaisdale

  15. Bangka Island Wins the Battle!

  16. Quote Of The Day — July 14, 2015

  17. Quote Of The Day — July 13, 2015

  18. Veteran Mother Speaks Out on Her Murdered Son & Donald Trump

  19. More Offensive: Confederate Flag or Illegal Foreigners Flying Mexican Flag?

  20. Thought for Today – July 13, 2015

  21. But he who [reverently] fears and respects the commandment [of Yahweh] is rewarded. (AMP)

  22. As I wrote thy name on wind,

  23. Combat Photographers

  24. Humbled by Kindness…

  25. Kindness Stopped This Homeless Man From Committing Suicide

  26. A Homeless Guy Did This for Me.

  27. Satan Laughs!

  28. You Choose

  29. Medicare physicians could be paid for ‘End of Life’ chats

  30. Papua New Guinea at a juncture

  31. Sticky Note to God 07.13.15

  32. A black Democrat mayor takes a stand AGAINST removing Confederate flags; here’s why

  33. The Problem Science Has With Religion: The Student vs. The Professor

  34. 15

  35. No More Hurt

  36. The Thing I Hate About Planning

  37. Bring Me Men

  38. The Simple Gospel (in Poem)

  39. Jesus the Polestar

  40. The matters of the heart-prayers

  41. Let the DIY Projects Begin


  43. The geek shall inherit the earth

  44. The Purity of a Christian Woman

  45. A Train of Roses

  46. Nuggets – A Time to Sleep

  47. Paging Doctor Victo!

  48. Liberal Privilege

  49. ISIS: near-massacre averted in Kosovo?

  50. What Do You Think Actually Make You Depressed?

  51. Planned Parenthood: Selling Baby Parts…

  52. Netanyahu: Iran nuclear accord “Historic Mistake”

  53. Ready for re-education camps?

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