My Article Read (7-11-2015)


Cat, Grandma, Newspaper

  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. Report: San Francisco Progressive Sheriff Intentionally Sought Illegal Alien Murderer To Protect Him From Deportation…

  3. Bite Into A Chiastic Sandwich (Genesis 8:15-9:7)

  4. Faith That Works-James

  5. Just a Thought

  6. Time For A Recharge

  7. Unplug to Recharge

  8. Relax, Recharge, Thrive

  9. 4 Marks of A Christian Nation You Need To Know

  10. Quote Of The Day — July 11, 2015

  11. Trump is Right – Facts About Illegal Alien Crime That the Media is Covering Up

  12. Immigration – Detainers

  13. Sanctuary Cities

  14. Trump Fires Back

  15. Happy Heavenly “50th” Birthday

  16. A New Day

  17. Love covers all sins!

  18. And he who wins souls is wise!

  19. Sticky Note to God 07.10.15

  20. Sticky Note From God 07.10.15

  21. Lord, It’s Me Again ~

  22. Friday’s Fiction

  23. Seattle getting rid of single-family zoning. Utopia soon to follow

  24. Bunkerville receives 2015 Cry and Howl top 20 conservative blog award

  25. Seven Ways Smart Leaders Get Even Smarter

  26. Ted Nugent to DC political class: Prove Trump a liar, or shut up

  27. Harmonic Praises

  28. Ouch!

  29. Salsa Church

  30. little god-Big God

  31. Baby doe

  32. So Nice to be Appreciated

  33. Dear Jeb Letter

  34. Every time history repeats itself, the price goes up

  35. Happy Caturday

  36. Boracay Island: a Postcard-sized Tropical Paradise

  37. The charm of Manyuko Cold Spring

  38. Kingfisher Farm: A Romantic Getaway in Boracay Island

  39. In a world so quick to judge, just #BeReal – By Lizzi Rogers

  40. The Message That Counters Everything

  41. Greater Is He

  42. Dance Followup


  44. Skip Bombing in Forts

  45. Can we kill them, now? ISIS burns mothers and children alive.

  46. Don’t Tell Mom!

  47. Vancouver- News on Chinese real estate purchases the NZ media is too gutless to confront

  48. Inspirational Song: On the Throne

  49. Six word Saturday

  50. The First Papua New Guinea Writer – Hosea Linge

  51. Let’s rewrite history…

  52. How to Prep for a Summer Power Outage

  53. How to Prepare for a Cyber Attack.

  54. Reddit user revolution: Ellen Pao is out…

  55. You are the sum total of every book you have read, every movie you have seen, every play, every experience. You can be better

  56. FFS grow up, willya!

  57. Simon Wolfe of The Iron Legion replies

  58. Correction Is NOT Judgment!

  59. Will YOU stand up for Jesus?

  60. The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy

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