My Article Read (7-9-2015)


Baby, Newspaper7

  1. Are Christians Really So Hateful?

  2. Daily Devotion-July 9, 2015-Be Careful Who Comes In the Door!

  3. Seen on a Church Sign-Seek the Lost

  4. Just a Thought

  5. Come Near to God

  6. Ensures Forever

  7. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  8. BREAKING: Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake Fires Police Chief Batts….

  9. Federal Marshals Arrest 12-Year-Old, and Accomplices, Charged With Nebraska Murder…

  10. Sweet Mother of Hades, The Gun Used By Illegal In San Francisco Belonged To A “Federal Agent”…

  11. The Nihilism Of The Left

  12. Racist jokes gone rogue

  13. Race-baiters Declaration of Independence

  14. Sticky Note From God 07.07.15

  15. Who’s that Knocking ~

  16. Sticky Note to God 07.08.15

  17. Complaining Season

  18. Sin~~ A Reminder That None of Us Are Perfect (Romans 3:23)

  19. Make Yourself Happier!

  20. Bob’s MS Ride

  21. Our Charity Work

  22. One Simple Question

  23. Wisdom is better then rubies!

  24. Together We Can: Jamie Lee

  25. Quote Of The Day — July 9, 2015

  26. Treason and the The Federalist Paper No. 43

  27. Email Dumps Continue to Undermine Clinton Candidacy

  28. Time For Mrs. A.L.’S Humpday Pinecones

  29. Child-like Faith

  30. Wednesday’s Words

  31. The reality of Hell

  32. A Look At Critics, Seekers, And Doubters

  33. It doesn’t matter how old Christians think the Earth is

  34. Charges pressed against top Dem activist who threatened 12-year-old Obama critic

  35. Levin lets Obama have it over San Fran murder: ‘How come you didn’t address the nation today, Mr. Obama?’

  36. How To Coach Frustrated Control Freaks

  37. 347,000 plus illegal convicted ‘immigrants’ on the lose – Clinton supports Sanctuaries

  38. A Story About Giving, Sacrifice and Finding One’s Happiness in Others: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

  39. What My Son Taught Me About Kindness and Empathy – By Kara Lawler

  40. American President Featured during German Tour

  41. Something for us all to Ponder on:

  42. Will things ever get better…?

  43. OCD In Children

  44. Coincidence…or?

  45. Nuggets – The First Stone

  46. Mission Trips – Preparation – Honoring Parents

  47. Pretty Poison

  48. How a Democrat district attorney terrorized conservatives in Wisconsin

  49. Yes! God Will Help You With Your Needs!

  50. Pudgy, nuclear-armed dictator shoots another official. Because he can.

  51. GOPe tries to buy the nomination for Jeb Bush…

  52. Cool Video: Whale blows a rainbow in Southern California

  53. Will God Heal our Land?? Maybe.. IF

  54. How to understand the Phony Unemployment Numbers

  55. A Post on Cosby I agree with

  56. Daniel Greenfield:

  57. Alarmist frauds object to enquiry:

  58. Nigel Farage:

  59. ‘The Quest for the Soul of Europe’

  60. The Mind of Christ will be the Mark!

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