My Article Read (7-8-2015)


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  1. The Ten Virgins

  2. Strength of The Lord

  3. Daily Devotion-July 8, 2015-Losing Our First Love

  4. Just a Thought

  5. Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary

  6. Sticky Note to God 07.07.15

  7. Father In Heaven ~

  8. Baby America

  9. Wisdom and understanding . . .

  10. Guess whose coming to Hillary’s Dinner contest? Illegals invited

  11. This is My Heritage: Photographic Exhibition

  12. Cops refuse to give him to ICE: Deported SIX TIMES, illegal nearly kills woman, 2 children in DUI crash

  13. Is your church too nice?

  14. God is not looking for brilliant men

  15. Society is careful not to offend anyone except God

  16. Simple Strategies to Tap the Power of Letting Go

  17. Quote Of The Day — July 8, 2015

  18. 56 Men

  19. How 545 Idiots Screwed Up Life for 318,900,000 Citizens

  20. Illegal immigrant murderer chose San Francisco because it’s a sanctuary city

  21. King Solomon, Why Good or Bad Things Happen 

  22. 19 February 1942 (1)

  23. Independence Day

  24. Pin the Tale on the Donkey


  26. Order My Steps

  27. Nuggets – Son of God

  28. Mission Trips – Oops – After all, why you should not go!

  29. Seven Reasons Why You Should Never Go on a Short-Term Mission Trip

  30. Encourage One Another- But God…

  31. Sweet Cakes By Melissa Refuses to Comply With Gag Order

  32. Must be a coincidence: San Francisco raises minimum wage, Chipotle’s raises prices

  33. Why You Should Play the Lottery??!!

  34. Getting Back into Things

  35. How Does a Positive Attitude Give You an Advantage?

  36. Memory Lane

  37. An Eclectic Post

  38. The heretic ant

  39. Trump a go-go

  40. Building Confidence

  41. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  42. Donald Trump Declares Victory – Hilarious Press Release – RE: NASCAR, ESPN – “So What, Who Cares”?…

  43. Obama’s Next Best Hope For Illegal Immigration “Executive Action” Comes This Friday…

  44. Smug San Francisco Sheriff Blames Everyone Except Himself For Kate Steinle Murder…

  45. The Power of Praying for Others

  46. Why My Dog is my Mentor? – By Marc Winn

  47. A Conversation with Mental Illness


  49. The matters of the heart

  50. Happy Independence Day, reblogged from

  51. Michelle Obama spends 600k to re-do White House state dining room…

  52. Tweet of the Day: Hillary Meets An Admirer…

  53. Do Not Bow the Knee

  54. Smiley codes

  55. Delingpole:

  56. Is the World becoming fed up?

  57. Pray for New York!!

  58. Saudi Sheikh Who Taught ISIS Fighters ‘Jihad 101’ Asks for Bible After Growing ‘Sick of the Killing,’ Missionary Claims

  59. This Australian’s Message For America Will Make Liberals Cringe!

  60. Wal-Mart refuses to order class ring because of West Morgan’s Rebels mascot

  61. Mother of Boy Murdered by Illegal Has a HUGE Message for America About Donald Trump



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