Uplifting Tuesday-When Kindness Goes Unnoticed


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When Kindness Goes Unnoticed


When Kindness Goes Unnoticed - By Alexa Doncsecz

It’s not about being the hero.

When I was a child, my age still in the single digits, my mom and I used to walk to the grocery store a few blocks down from our row home in Pennsylvania. When my parents moved there it was a clean, safe area, but as the years progressed the circumstances in that part of the city did the opposite, devolving into something unclean and unsafe — the kind of place you wouldn’t want to be walking around alone after dark or even during the twilight hours.

On one of our trips to the grocery store I noticed a homeless person huddled on the sidewalk next to the entrance. I told my mom that it made me sad to see him sitting there like that — starving, disheveled, reduced to sitting pretzel-style on the ground begging for the loose change of those more fortunate. So we decided to buy him an apple.

I carried it proudly through the store with me as we shopped, knowing that with that apple we would make that man’s day a little brighter, make him a little less hungry and a little more reassured in humanity’s goodness.

That was what I thought to myself as I picked out the perfect apple, though not quite in those words, because I was probably about seven.

In the checkout line I could barely contain myself. The cashier was the only thing standing between me and my good deed and I was just itching to make this person’s day. My young mind never conceived the possibility of what would happen next. My mom and I went outside — her carrying our bags and me carrying my apple — and the spot on the sidewalk that had just minutes ago been occupied by the homeless man was now empty.

I went home with an apple I didn’t want and good intentions that had gone unused.

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