My Article Read (7-5-2015)


Baby, Newspaper3

  1. No, Actually There’s Not A “Trend” Of Churches Burning….

  2. Kate Is Dead Because Donald Trump Is Not President – Five Time Deported Illegal Alien Felon Kills Another Innocent American…

  3. The Insanity of Confederate Flag Syndrome Continues – PGA Golfer Bubba Watson To Paint Over “General Lee”…

  4. State of Oregon Issues Gag Order To Stop Christian Bakery From Discussing $135,000 Fine For Not Making Cake For Same Sex Couple…

  5. The True Brotherhood of Man – Mosque Raises Money to Repair Catholic church

  6. Sticky Note to God 07.05.15

  7. Where Is God’s Grace Now ~

  8. Raisin’ Cain, hands, and talkin dirt


  10. Day three- Quote Challenge

  11. Black East: Tracing Black Ancestry

  12. Gas Station Coffee Vs Starbucks Coffee

  13. The Parable Of The Lifeguard

  14. The Christian life

  15. A Great Collection of Wine Infographics

  16. Hit Life Head On

  17. Independence Day in the US

  18. Problem Solving 101

  19. BE Inspired! — July 3, 2015

  20. Miles To Go, Promises To Keep #16

  21. Am I Who You Think I Am? — Journal Entry

  22. Friday’s Fiction

  23. Happy Independence Day! Lynyrd Skynrd – ‘God and Guns’

  24. Ted Cruz SLAMS immigration activist with one killer question

  25. Confederate flag defender, a black woman, calls battle a fight for FREEDOM

  26. Be Kind – Relentless – But Kind

  27. Pseudo – “Christians” reblogged from I REFUSE TO FOLLOW YOUR BLOG

  28. Pseudo – “Christians”

  29. 12 Ways to Outgrow Oppressive Environments

  30. Erase stinking thinking!

  31. Who Is Unholy?

  32. Can’t Buy Me Love.

  33. Quote Of The Day — July 5, 2015

  34. George Soros, Gifts, and Politics

  35. We Cannot Forget…

  36. The Seeds Of Every Evil In His Own Heart

  37. 239 Times

  38. The God Who Answers By Fire – SoS Saturday

  39. HE LIFTS US UP: One Nation, Under God is What We Were Called to Be

  40. How Long, O Lord?

  41. July 4, 2015 Celebration with the Boston Pops Orchestra

  42. Febrile

  43. Sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits

  44. The Declaration of Independence, in American

  45. To My Love and Very Best Friend

  46. A Humorous 4th of July Parable

  47. Live Out Your Freedom God’s Way!

  48. Happy Independence Day 2015!

  49. One Nation Under God

  50. Six word Saturday

  51. CNN lapdogs seem OK with being corralled like animals by Hillary Clinton staffers…

  52. The flight from Government skools

  53. Criminalising truth:

  54. Klarkula

  55. Have I not commanded you?

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