Day Two Quote Challenge: Mixed Quotes


I want to thank  Breath Of Freshness  for nominating me. I have been wanting to try one of these challenges for while, Smile.


Day two is a mixture of quotes.  Warriors are not just soldiers going into battle but warriors can be people standing their ground for their beliefs and against wrong. These are warriors representing ideas, a way of life.

John Wayne:

Ronald Reagan:

Winston Churchill:

Margaret Thatcher:

Rich Little:

I am going to close “Day Two Quote Challenge” with a couple quotes from Audie L. Murphy.

 I'll Tell

Lead From



The rules of the challenge:

  1. Post your favorite quotes or your own quotes for three posts in a row.

  2. Thank the person who nominated you.

  3. Pass it on to three other bloggers per quote, each time you post them.

  4. Or pass it to nine bloggers if you choose to post all the quotes together, in the same post.

I am suppose to choose three bloggers. I am going to pull a Lori here since I don’t know who would do it or not. If any of my fellow bloggers feels froggy and want to try it, go for it, Smile. If I don’t follow your blog please leave me a link to your post in the comment area so I can read it.

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