My Article Read (7-4-2015)


Baby, Newspaper2


  1. Love Never Fails-Part Three

  2. Daily Devotion-July 3, 2015-Quenching and Grieving The Holy Spirit

  3. Remember Your Family

  4. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  5. More Fake Hate – Baltimore Gay Activist Scams People With Fake Claims, Raises $43,000 From Fraud…

  6. Update: Rowlett Police File Felony Charges In Coordinated Brutal Assault Against Girl / Toddler….

  7. Donald Trump Delivers a CNN Brain Hurt: “Who’s Doing The Raping Don?”…

  8. A Crowd Hillary Can’t Draw…

  9. Just a Moment in Time

  10. Happy Fourth of July!

  11. No-one to impress, no more suffering

  12. I see no hope for a revival

  13. Everything I wished for . . . but not enough

  14. BE Inspired! — July 2, 2015

  15. Quote Of The Day — July 04, 2015

  16. Patriotic Protesters Shut Down Flag Burning

  17. Terror Fears Spike – High Alert Ahead Of 4th Of July

  18. Veterans, Fireworks and the 4th of July

  19. On Behalf of My Legs

  20. 42 Million plus support ISIS, US blocks attempts by allies to arm Kurds

  21. What if you’re not that Smart

  22. Flag-burning protest STAMPED OUT when vets, bikers show up in force

  23. Florida car dealer facing fines for American flag display stands his ground

  24. Angels in Disguise

  25. Branco Cartoon – Chewbacca

  26. Take Control of the Debate.

  27. All evidence points to Hillary Clinton as source of Internet video lie

  28. The drowning stranger illustration challenges atheistic morality

  29. Crumbs & Whiskers is open for business

  30. Miles To Go, Promises To Keep #15

  31. My Bucket List

  32. Awards Ceremony!

  33. The Truth


  35. HE LIFTS US UP: July 4th Celebrations

  36. Say Goodbye To The Confederate Flag

  37. Mission Trips – Finding a mission trip that fits

  38. Encourage One Another-And Now Consider This

  39. Independence Day

  40. Here we are far from paradise

  41. George Takei vs Clarence Thomas

  42. Double-minded standards

  43. He found them…….

  44. Shocker! Pudgy North Korean dictator executes another traitor to the State

  45. Pursue peace!

  46. Promise Keepers

  47. Happy DEpendence Day

  48. Jesus is King

  49. Ted Cruz speaks the naked truth about the mainstream media

  50. 2 Absolutely Amazing Books on the Heart of Mercy

  51. It’s Independence Day…

  52. Your young daughter can’t get a coke at school, but can get an IUD without your knowledge…

  53. Fearless: Trump refuses to back down…

  54. The manipulation and winning of young minds.

  55. Black leader defends Confederate Flag, responds to violent attackers

  56. ‘Jihadis and the Jackbooted Left

  57. ‘Oklahoma revolts against Obama

  58. ‘Letter from an Australian to America:

  59. The satanic crow and the American Eagle

  60. God is sounding the Alarm!


  62. The favour of Esther

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