My Article Read (7-1-2015)


Baby, Newspaper


  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. White House Blocking Release of Clinton/Obama Phone Call During Benghazi Attack….

  3. SCOTUS Strikes Down EPA Mercury Rule – Michigan VS EPA (w/ full opinion pdf)…

  4. Brutal Rowlett Teen Attacker Now In Custody – Police Say Attack Was “Premeditated”…

  5. I Just Can’t Help Myself

  6. He who runs from God…

  7. Celebrities: Humans Who Need God’s Love

  8. Quote Of The Day — July 1, 2015

  9. Thought for Today – June 30, 2015

  10. Some You Win, Some You Lose.

  11. HERE Is How Islam Will Treat Homos.

  12. Words of Wisdom from McCook, Nebraska Concerning the Homo Agenda

  13. Bantha Bowls

  14. SHOWCASE — Fragments of Light

  15. Miles To Go, Promises to Keep #13

  16. Tuesday’s Music Prompt #6

  17. The Versatile Blogger Award X 4

  18. Assad to use (Saddam’s?) chemical weapons in desperation?

  19. (Video) What makes America different?

  20. A Little Change-Up For Tuesday

  21. The Whole Armor of God

  22. The Necessity and Purpose of Fasting Before the Lord

  23. Another Perspective on Television

  24. Healthy Living Update

  25. Finding Balance

  26. Today is the day of Salvation

  27. Rushing Wind

  28. Moving The Goalposts

  29. All God’s people – Prophetic proclamation

  30. The chart the communists behind our failed education system don’t want you to see

  31. The Suicide Of The West

  32. He Never Invited Her To Church

  33. Stair-steps of Abuse

  34. Are you Poor? Give With All Your Heart, This is Why

  35. To Remain Teachable. « J.S. Park

  36. Shafaq the Twilight (part 2)

  37. Ignorant Of The Scriptures

  38. Daily Devotion-June 30, 2015-The Changing Face of Revival

  39. Supremes ruling – turning nice neighborhoods into ghettos

  40. Listen with Your Heart

  41. City council votes not to allow ‘in God we trust’ in chambers; God had other plans

  42. Breath of Life

  43. 7 Secrets to Getting Results Through Others

  44. Featured Photographer: Calvin Tang

  45. Encourage One Another “And Now Consider This”

  46. Marriage is so passé…

  47. Will you be silent?…

  48. Busted: Hillary Clinton lied about only using one email account as Secretary of State….

  49. When Father Takes a Deep Breath

  50. Helen Clark. Now an offensive U.N. tool:

  51. You’d better check your position!

  52. The Supreme Court vs. The Supreme Being

  53. Dividing lines are being drawn

  54. PNG Literary Competition Achieves Record Entries.

  55. Some things are obvious

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