My Article Read (6-29-2015)


Tea, Newspaper


  1. ISIS Takes Credit For Terrorist Attack In Tunisia Killing 37…

  2. Police In Rowlett Texas Update On Arrest Warrant For Brutal Attacker….

  3. Activism Is A Lucrative Business – Scamming For Donations Within Minutes After Paid Activist Removes Flag and Arrested…

  4. DOJ Fast-Tracking $29 Million For Families of Charleston Shooting….

  5. Mosby Wants “Baltimore Six” Divided Into Two Trials – While Keeping the Venue In Baltimore…

  6. Exercise As A Key Habit

  7. Excuse Making Must Stop

  8. Morning Habits of the Successful

  9. Goals Update for June, 2015

  10. Miles To Go, Promises To Keep #11

  11. My story, My Song

  12. My Place, My Position…This is Where I Stand

  13. King Solomon, Supreme Court Muddle-Headed Decision

  14. Solution Saturday: How Organizations Become Great at Developing Great People

  15. Joyful ‘Toons – The Great Worrini

  16. Faith Child – would you attend a “gay wedding” ?

  17. Teens Blog SF50 Why Are They Talking So Weird – Part 2

  18. Faith Child – Healing for you

  19. Tiny

  20. Curiously Being Stalked

  21. Ripped Pants- Oh Dear

  22. You Win, But You Lose

  23. A Bridge

  24. The Guest

  25. This woman’s husband left her for his business partner and took her kids

  26. Ode to the rainbow

  27. Hillary shows her colors

  28. Supreme decision marks the territory

  29. Lack of Interest

  30. Holy Spirit… Come Flood This Place

  31. Sunday respite ‘The Night they drove old Dixie down’

  32. Quote Of The Day — June 29, 2015

  33. Ted Cruz’s Epic Message to the Supreme Court

  34. The Left’s Weapon of Mass Destruction: Redefinition

  35. Time For ” Weasel Of The Week”.

  36. Charlie Daniels takes stand for Confederate-flag pride; slams ‘race baiters like Al Sharpton’

  37. Minister mocks gay marriage ruling by coming out for marrying WHAT? The irony is delicious

  38. Where your treasure is . . .

  39. How do we explain something to another person that…



  42. Why Conservatives Dislike What Passes For The Liberal Arts

  43. Progressive tyranny expands- UK Police obtain injunction against Britain First

  44. Come On Baby Light My Fire

  45. 4 Things we must do now that we are illegal

  46. It’s 2:37 pm…

  47. Hillary Clinton tampered with evidence by editing out sections of emails turned over to State department?

  48. Secrets: State Department won’t release contents of Obama-Clinton phone call night of #Benghazi attack…

  49. And this idiot is a lawyer!

  50. ‘Be the Best Saboteur You Can Be’

  51. So what about that Debbie?

  52. Will Democrats Apologize for Slavery and Segregation?

  53. America: A Warning to the Silent Majority

  54. Make it so!

  55. Sunday Photo Fiction: Love At First Site.

  56. A Song of the Turtle – Children’s story entry

  57. The manifestation of an answered prayer


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