My Article Read (6-28-2015)


Tea, Glasses, Newspaper


  1. In Faith: Bringing People Together -VS- Tearing Them Apart….

  2. June 3rd 2013 – Pre Zimmerman Trial Beginning – New Discovery Emerges…

  3. Division

  4. One Escaped NY Prisoner Killed – Richard Matt Killed, Davit Sweat Still On Loose..

  5. Jesus Paid It All -Part 2- Your Payment’s No Good Here

  6. Just a Thought

  7. Love Never Fails-Part Two

  8. What Are Keystone Habits?

  9. More Keystone Habits

  10. Keystone Habit

  11. Quote Of The Day — June 28, 2015

  12. Echos Down From the Past – Communism and Today

  13. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Running the Race

  14. Importing a Potential Epidemic

  15. Miles To Go, Promises To Keep #10

  16. Encouraging Thunder Award

  17. Literary Lion — “Escape”

  18. SHOWCASE — Books, Music, Photography & Movies

  19. 7 Helpful Tips to Make Your Blog More “Reader Friendly”

  20. 102 words of affirmation every wife wants to hear

  21. God sends no one away empty…

  22. Don’t know much about history

  23. Happy Caturday

  24. Funny How THIS Flag Can Be Mandated to Fly Over All 50 State Houses

  25. SCOTUS rules in favor of same-sex marriage

  26. Light of the World

  27. Nuggets – Zechariah’s Strange Prophecy

  28. Fire in the Bridal Chamber – SoS Saturday

  29. Support

  30. Talk from the radical

  31. This Week

  32. Rules by Which a Great Empire May Be Reduced to a Small One

  33. Should Christian apologists avoid political, moral and cultural issues?

  34. No “E”s Allowed!

  35. HE LIFTS US UP: Broken in a Million Little Pieces


  37. Dominica is Packed with Awesomeness

  38. If you believe . . .

  39. Keep your heart with all diligence!

  40. Just Walk Away

  41. Why no one who supports Liberty should condone SCOTUS finding on same sex marriage.

  42. Flag design winner- NZ Herald deceives on “Kiwi” origins

  43. Daily Editorial Cartoon 6.27.15

  44. Six word Saturday

  45. Hillary Clinton and Obama were opposed to gay marriage before they were for it

  46. Friday’s Fiction

  47. Shafaq the twilight

  48. Legalizing same-sex marriage is WRONG! It’s NOT of GOD

  49. Love for Sale – SoS Saturday


  51. Song for Sunday…

  52. Confederate Flag Supporters Lose NASCAR…

  53. This is more disturbing than you can imagine

  54. The coordinated lone wolves of no particular faith

  55. Which are YOU: True or False?

  56. Same sex marriage: America what have you done?

  57. The Beauty of Science and Art – Cool Stuff

  58. West Papua Finally Gets a ‘Place’ in Melanesian Spearhead Group

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