My Article Read (6-26-2015)


Squirrel, Newspaper


  1. Contentment

  2. Voice In The Wilderness

  3. Perseverance

  4. Quote Of The Day — June 26, 2015

  5. The Hammer and Sickle That Hangs Over the White House

  6. The One Picture to Which Obama and #blacklivesmatter Never Point

  7. Pentagon Acknowledges Threat – End Treaty Talks Now

  8. NOXIOUS RANT ALERT : From The ” Global Warming Insanity” File For Jun 24 2015

  9. Become a Doer

  10. Keeping Your Word

  11. Little White Lies

  12. Wisdom Wednesdays – Do what you love, cause Life is Short

  13. Make A Point

  14. Episode 390: One-Liner Wednesday.

  15. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  16. New School Smuggling Problem – Kids Selling Salt and Pepper Because Mooch Lunch is So Bland….

  17. Reward $500 For Information on This Attack (Details Below)

  18. Fast Track Trade Authority Passes In Senate (60-38)…

  19. A Key Aspect Of The Freddie Gray Autopsy Report – and Narrative Text From The Autopsy Analysis….

  20. Hold Em, Hold Em! — Poetry

  21. Miles to Go, Promises to Keep #9

  22. More Awards for The Rattling Bones

  23. Supreme Court slaps Uncle Sam for snatching your stuff

  24. Valerie Jarrett: way too close for comfort

  25. Sounds of angry pro-choice deniers

  26. Funeral Focus

  27. Say Goodbye To The Stars And Bars

  28. Abuse Happens Often

  29. Daily Editorial Cartoon 6.25.15

  30. Daily Quote 6.25.15

  31. Lazy Poet’s Thursday Haiku

  32. More Fun in the Philippines

  33. United Arab Emirates

  34. Ponder the path of your feet!

  35. Would You Deny Your Faith

  36. One Day You Begin to Believe

  37. Daily Devotion-June 25, 2015-Revival Is Not Primarily an Emotional Event

  38. Wednesday’s Words

  39. Obama administration hiding the extent of damage from the OPM hack

  40. King v Burwell: The SCOTUS saves #Obamacare, again.

  41. Tiny House Progress (And Other Stuff)

  42. Free Food!

  43. Wish

  44. SCOTUS says to hell with the constitution, Obamacare marches on

  45. The Blues

  46. Bernie Sanders now within eight points of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire…

  47. Confirmed: Hillary Clinton did not turn over all her private server Benghazi emails to the State Department…

  48. A “free country”?

  49. Corrupt tyrants enforce deviants’ sham ceremony

  50. America: The South WILL Rise Again!

  51. Non-Confrontational Prophets?

  52. HIS Call to Arms!

  53. My Last Walk – Short Story.

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