My Article Read (6-25-2015)


Soldiers, Newspaper2


  1. Daily Devotion-June 24, 2015-Revival Certainly Produces Evangelism

  2. Who’s Responsible?

  3. Quote Of The Day — June 25, 2015

  4. Hey, MOONBATS. IF There Is Global Warming…..

  5. Common Sense, Not Islamophobia

  6. Why Eat Better?

  7. Wednesday Night in the Ray House

  8. How Do I Change?

  9. From Procrastinator to Doer

  10. Zap Stress

  11. “For All of Those Overcoming Trauma”

  12. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  13. Marilyn Mosby: ‘I arrested the cops for political reasons’ – Tells Judge It Was Her Brilliance, Excellence and Magnanimous Superiority That Saved Baltimore From Itself….

  14. Activist Shaun King Advertises His Financing For Felonies Program….

  15. Just Like Obama, Valerie Jarrett’s Family Investigated by FBI For Communist Ties – FBI Files Included…

  16. What Does The Media Do When Catching White House Lying – Why, Hide It and Blow It Off, of Course…

  17. #BeWoW — Living a Life of Passion

  18. Miles To Go, Promises To Keep #8

  19. Quote of the Day — Jack London

  20. 12 Mass Shootings Stopped by Good Guys with Guns

  21. Racism Sucks

  22. Time For Mrs. A.L.’S Humpday Pinecones

  23. The Left’s cultural theatrics and flag warfare

  24. Daily Editorial Cartoon 6.24.15

  25. Today

  26. smart and practical

  27. As the Father loved me . . .

  28. 3 Ways to Fail Successfully

  29. Earning Favor with God?

  30. Fear and Faith

  31. Leaked Freddie Gray autopsy report shows why Mosby wanted it to stay secret!

  32. Dana Perino really hit a nerve with Donald Trump

  33. PBS host unsuccessfully tries to corner Ted Cruz on gun control

  34. Supreme Court Ruling – Obamacare Subsidies Stay

  35. If we are believers in Jesus, death should be a party

  36. Slow to speak Wednesday

  37. Let your light shine!

  38. Meekness Is His Method

  39. Hump Day Pot Pourri

  40. First Post Challenge (Enhanced*)

  41. Mercury rising

  42. Obama to Islamic terrorists: hostage-taking season is now open!

  43. Run for your life

  44. Procrastination… Tuesdays Fly By

  45. On Converse, Birds, and Bugs

  46. Your President Takes a Day Off After the Gay Bacchanal in the White House…

  47. More signs of insanity…

  48. Rod Stewart: Love Is…

  49. Have the people of this country gone insane?…

  50. Change: School children resort to selling contraband salt, pepper and sugar at lunch

  51. Fearless: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signs two new gun tights bills…

  52. Heat and Pressure Produces Diamonds or Dust

  53. In Explaining Dylann Roof’s Inspiration, the Media Ignore Ties to Evolutionary Racism – Evolution News & Views

  54. 5 ways adult children hurt their parents without realizing it What are you doing to brighten the lives of your aging parents? Bringing a little light and happiness into their lives will leave a legacy of love your own children will emulate.

  55. Be free, not compliant.

  56. Chinese “investment” and a commie mayor……

  57. Illegitimate “law”:

  58. ‘Take Down the Fascist, Anti-Christian Gay-Pride Flag’

  59. Praying Christians: Satan’s worst foes!

  60. The Hillside Find – A short story entry in Crocodile Prize.

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