My Article Read (6-22-2015)


Soldier, Wife, Newspaper


  1. Baltimore Police Chief Batts: More officers likely to be arrested, forced out as result of reforms…

  2. WikiLeaks Releases Hillary Clinton Saudi Passport Info…

  3. Grinchy Deray Goes To Charleston…

  4. Politically Correct Leftists Unhinged Because NBC Dared To Air Video Of Black Prison Inmates Regretting Gun Violence…

  5. Austria – Three Killed, 30 Injured as Bosnian National Drives Into Crowd Then Begins Stabbing…

  6. God doesn’t care how smart you think you are

  7. What the Gospel of Christ is really about

  8.  Sometimes You Need To Have Less Plan and More Open-mindedness

  9. An Incredible Transformation!

  10. Happy first day of summer

  11. Some beautiful music for Sunday


  13. Natural Law, Natural Allies — reblogged from

  14. Got Your ACE Score?

  15. Father’s Day Poem

  16. The Ultimate Pursuit

  17. The chart the CO2 alarmists don’t want you to see

  18. Scientists on taxpayer payroll complain of govt pressure

  19. Turkey Stalls

  20. HE LIFTS US UP: A Father’s Day Message

  21. Limitations or Thinking “Out of the Box”? (Square Watermelons?)

  22. Requiem For An American Dream

  23. “Teardrops” — Haiku

  24. #RedefiningDisability Awareness Challenge — Week Four

  25. Compelling Posts — Week of June 15 – June 21 2015

  26. The Rattling Bones Reaches 500!

  27. Thank You!

  28. Yesterday, Today, and Forever

  29. Tough Questions

  30. Daily Editorial Cartoon 6.22.15

  31. Jo’s Monday walk : City of Norwich

  32. NBC takes a licking and keeps on clicking

  33. Quote of the Day – June 22, 2015

  34. Oops. Obama’s DC Officials Caught With Kiddy Jar

  35. Supreme Court Justices Ignoring the Law?

  36. Ronald Reagan: A Soldiers Pledge

  37. The power of the tongue . . .

  38. The Head, Not The Tail

  39. Daily Devotion-June 22, 2015-Let’s Talk About Revival!

  40. His Ways and His Thoughts

  41. Prophets of False Hope or Prophets of Truth

  42. Tubuserea – How She Used to Look

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