My Article Read (6-21-2015)


Soldier, newspaper


  1. Ramirez on Charleston…

  2. Report: AME Church Killer’s Manifesto Discovered – Dylann Roof and Eric Sheppard Very Similar….

  3. Wow, Just Wow – Government Demands Identity of Website Commentators Then Issues Gag Order To Stop Public Knowledge…

  4. FEMA Denies Baltimore Request For Disaster Aid To Cover Riot Expenses – Baltimore Mayor Plans To Appeal…

  5. A Father Lost

  6. Just a Thought

  7. 10 Lessons from an Atheist | Answers in Genesis

  8. Just a Thought

  9. Just a Thought

  10. Why Am I So Positive?

  11. Beat the Heat!

  12. 10 Things You May Not Know About Me

  13. My Favorite Color Is Blue

  14. You punch like an angry drunk

  15. Why don’t we call evil what it is?

  16. The Gospel of Christ in 3 minutes

  17. Reticent Evil

  18. Quite possibly the worst argument against God the world has ever seen

  19. Hillary running for Berlin

  20. I’m addicted to power

  21. Obama’s final words

  22. Quote of the Day – June 21, 2015

  23. A Sunday Feel Good Story – The Mother & Son Dance

  24. A Father’s Day Tribute

  25. January 2010 Hillary in State Department

  26. Benghazi investigators ponder: Is State Dept. lying, or is Hillary?

  27. Solution Saturday: My Boss is up in my Business

  28. Obama makes colossal Freudian slip in Hollywood fundraiser speech!

  29. ‘Hate won’t win’: Social media shaken to the core as Charleston families forgive killer

  30. Judge in church ‘killer’ case causes outrage, labeled ‘racist’ for what he said in court

  31. Happy Caturday

  32. Happy Father’s Day

  33. Face lift

  34. The God Who Answers By Fire – SoS Saturday

  35. HE LIFTS US UP: “Daddy Wounds”

  36. Joyful ‘Toons – Inner Supply

  37. Art Deco Dragon fly Brooch

  38. Attitude

  39. I See London, I See France…

  40. Love . . .

  41. Happy Father’s Day!

  42. Arrant hypocrisy from Cameron Slater

  43. A question for John Stringer

  44. After rain

  45. Letter to Daddy (aka God) 4

  46. Safety is definitely not the absence of danger but the presence of God

  47. Happy Father’s Day To All of You Great Dads!

  48. A Father’s Day Reminder: Ephesians 6

  49. Daily Editorial Cartoon 6.21.15

  50. A Look at your Faith

  51. On Father’s Day

  52. Got Guitars?


  54. Bridge Over Troubled Water…

  55. Stupid: MSNBC guest RELIEVED that MURDERED Charleston church-goers didn’t have GUNS!

  56. In Obama I trust a little less than this


  58. The Church is under serious attack!

  59. Warning: A Trumpet Sounds!

  60. Land Echoes – Writing Fiction Based on Actual History

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