My Article Read (6-19-2015)


Smiley, Newspaper


  1. What My Husband Sees That I Don’t When It Comes to Our Son With Autism

  2. Anonymous Kindness

  3. An 18-Year-Old Model With Down Syndrome Is Setting Out to Change the World

  4. He Found An Oil Barrel And Transformed It Into Something Incredible!

  5. Moving Beyond the Blame Game

  6. Every contradiction in the Bible in one convenient list

  7. ‘The Rage Against God – How Atheism Led Me to Faith’ – Peter Hitchens

  8. Not enough evidence God…

  9. The full story of life crushed into four minutes

  10. Remember to Drink Plenty of H2O!!

  11. Enjoy the Sunshine

  12. The Blood Alone

  13. Let It Go.

  14. Wounds of Our Past… Like Muddy Waters

  15. The Steps of a Good Man

  16. Daily Editorial Cartoon 6.19.15

  17. Daily Editorial Cartoon 6.18.15

  18. The Wasteland Wanderer & The Power Armour Of God

  19. Stephen Salmon ~ Absent From The Body & Present With The Lord

  20. Street photography?

  21. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  22. AME Church Shooting – Police Have Identified A Specific Suspect – Surveillance Video and CCTV Captures

  23. Charleston Mother Emanuel AME Church Shooting – Discussion Thread…

  24. Undersea Camouflage: Do You See It?

  25. Faith comes by hearing . . .

  26. . . . if My People . . . will humble themselves . . .

  27. Daily Devotion-June 18, 2015-Who’s Doing the Healing? And What’s With the Oil?

  28. The Gospel in Four Minutes

  29. Quote Of The Day — June 19, 2015

  30. Our Tax Dollars at Work Funding Radicals

  31. Hannity – One-On-One With Donald Trump

  32. A Simple Error of Omission In Washington Report-Sure It Is!

  33. Let Go and Let God

  34. Public responds to ‘Beyonce’s Sharia Law Plan’ for the inner cities

  35. A (Victorious) Nation of Shopkeepers

  36. Happy Fathers Day

  37. Every Tear I Cry

  38. HE LIFTS US UP: A Father’s Day Resolution for All Parents

  39. Who We Were Meant To Be

  40. The Other Half of the Bitter Pill (Sort Of…)

  41. Follow Along as I Discover Dominica

  42. Pope incites cultural revolution

  43. Someone says it at last- the Pope is a Communist

  44. Who the hell is Cameron Slater to be criticising anyone with allegations of infidelity?

  45. Fiction Friday Prompt #11

  46. Bill Whittle: Death By Dynasties: Jeb, Hillary, and Disaster!…

  47. Unlikely: Michelle Obama boasts to Europe that American school children are eating better…

  48. Irony: Mexico is enforcing immigration law on Central Americans…

  49. What The Lord Said About the Killings at the AME church

  50. Importing disease and violence:

  51. ‘No the Pope doesn’t have a Masters degree in Chemistry.

  52. You need to learn to be GLAD

  53. Comfort ye My people!

  54. Verbal Diarrhoea


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