My Article Read (6-18-2015)


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  1. Top 10 Kindness Stories of 2014

  2. When the Doctor Asked Me Why I Adopted a ‘Child Like This’

  3. 19 of the Very Best ‘Uplifting Photos of the Day’

  4. Valedictorian Anonymously Posts Kind Words About all 657 Schoolmates

  5. Hope Glitters with Mr. Gold

  6. A Place to Stay

  7. How Can I Become A Christian?

  8. It starts with you

  9. A Message to Us All: Dry Bones Come Alive

  10. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  11. FBI: DC Officials Sentenced For Fraud – Stealing Money To Fund President Obama 2009 Inaugural Ball…

  12. The Value of The Donald – Trump Tells Stephanopoulos He Should Not Be Asking Candidate Questions Regarding Hillary….

  13. Hillary Clinton Charged The Boys and Girls Club $200k Then Snubbed The Kids…

  14. To Juice or Not To Juice?

  15. My Recurring Dream

  16. It Is There

  17. Gym or Outdoors?

  18. Quote Of The Day — June 18, 2015

  19. Stand Up and Be Heard!

  20. The Donald

  21. Daily Devotion-June 17, 2015- Why Call the Elders?

  22. Just a Thought

  23. The Nothing Box

  24. PIT SIT’N

  25. Benghazi Committee Discovers Clinton Correspondences Withheld

  26. In worshipping God, we must lift up our souls to him

  27. In ‘bizarre’ court filing, Mosby tries to block release of Freddie Gray’s autopsy

  28. Carly Fiorina refuses to be a sucker on ‘The View’: Don’t underestimate me

  29. Wednesday’s Words

  30. Home, and it’s Lovely Out Here

  31. When you look at what is in your hands…..

  32. Health Update #2

  33. What Is Your Opinion? RE: Upcoming Changes

  34. HE LIFTS US UP: The “Prodigal’s Father”

  35. I Just prayed for ChristianBlessings reader


  37. Nuggets – The Unjust Steward

  38. Teach the Nations

  39. Trinity

  40. I H8.1 You!

  41. The AoA Beach Bucket List!

  42. Quote Challenge #3

  43. I was wrong: the #ChinaHack is indeed an espionage “Pearl Harbor”

  44. #ChinaHack: That does it. I want executions.

  45. Letter to Daddy (aka God) 2


  47. Pardon the Interruption – Luke 8

  48. Happy birthday, M. C. Escher

  49. Like A Butterfly

  50. Summer Is

  51. DON’T GIVE UP! Fight Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and Trade Adjustment Assistance

  52. Imposters

  53. Is a hate crime different from a love crime?…

  54. Government Hack Update: Obama administration outsourced IT management to China?

  55. Says it all:

  56. Re-cycling Toys – Cool Stuff

  57. There’s Just ONE Comment on Dylann Roof’s Facebook Photo, and It’ll Make You Cry

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