My Article Read (6-17-2015)


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  1. Daily Devotion-June 16, 2015-Sick? Call for Help

  2. Just a Thought

  3. A Dripping Faucet on a Quiet Night

  4. How Do You View Life-Informal Poll

  5. Get Outside for Some Fresh Air

  6. Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

  7. The Joy of Serving a Forgetful God

  8. Encounters Report

  9. Quote Of The Day — June 17, 2015

  10. Understanding Army vs Guard – Apache Transfers

  11. JEB, Quit Pandering to Those Who Hate America!

  12. “Phony Baloney” News For Jun 16 2015

  13. Hillary Clinton Continuing Saga of Disaster

  14. Illegal Alien Molested 10-Year-Old Girl & Says It’s Her Fault

  15. A Prayerful Concern

  16. NY prison escapee paints spot-on portraits of Hillary, Obama, other Dems; Twitter users find the irony

  17. Encouragement One Another-Saul and Barnabas

  18. Mr. President, You Have One Job

  19. Barcelona: MNAC

  20. Restore Israel

  21. First Fruits

  22. 5 Ways To Actually Practice Mercy You Need To Know

  23. HE LIFTS US UP: “Head” Knowledge versus “Heart” Knowledge

  24. Faith Child – Lord I am Yours

  25. Faith Child – Are you blessed?

  26. The standard.

  27. 1730-1820

  28. Bumper Sticker Of  The Day

  29. Waco “Twin Peaks” Witness/Victim Matt Clendennen Gives A News Conference….

  30. Targeted Pool Party Victim Fights Back – Hires Gloria Allred To Clear Her Name…

  31. Baseball Scandal – FBI Investigating St. Louis Cardinals Hacking of Houston Astros…

  32. Marilyn Mosby Has Filed Protective Order To Block Release of Freddie Gray Autopsy….

  33. Mums the word…. just vote

  34. A Generation Of Zombies

  35. What R-U- NERVOUS About?

  36. Today’s feel-good story

  37. Quote Challenge #2

  38. If God can use an ass…

  39. God will help you TODAY!

  40. THE PRICE FOR IGNORING NATURAL LAW: Destroy the Language, Destroy the Civilization

  41. Yahweh is my rock!

  42. Tuesday’s Tale

  43. Try A Little Tenderness

  44. I’ll Rise Again

  45. Daily Editorial Cartoon 6.17.15

  46. Some truth for the lied to and indoctrinated believers

  47. Video of the Day: Rachel Dolezal Wanted To Boycott ‘White Actors Playing Black Roles

  48. Heaven is a Zero Tolerance Zone

  49. Exceptional stupidity

  50. Oh, FFS!

  51. Word for Wednesday:ZOT

  52. Princess Celebrates Motherhood

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