My Article Read (6-15-2015) (6-16-2015)


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  1. Mom Writes Grateful Letter to ‘Stranger Next to Us at Rodeo.’ The Next Day, She Realizes Who He Is.

  2. REPORT ➠ Ferguson Riots Were a Coordinated Astroturf Movement ➠ It’s Leaders Were Trained in Soros-Funded Agitation

  3. Haitian Doctor Makes Medical History With Very Rare Procedure On Conjoined Twins

  4. When A Man Loves A Woman

  5. Man in the Mirror

  6. Practice Kindness

  7. Positive Quote of the Day ~ June 14th

  8. Hugging

  9. Change Your Beliefs To Change Your World!

  10. I will never stop

  11. Beware of the pleasant view of the fatherhood of God

  12. Domestic violence rates are higher for homosexual couples than for heterosexual couples

  13. Overcoming the Shoe Drop Syndrome

  14. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  15. National Media Video Accidentally Catches Contraband Being Smuggled Into New York Prison….

  16. Crowdrise and GoFundMe Donation Sites Denies Use for Officer Casebolt – Permits Use By Swimming Pool Activist Marvin Bakari…

  17. British Spy Agency MI6 Pulls Agents From Hostile Countries After Russia/China Decode Snowden’s Encrypted Files…

  18. Health Update

  19. #RedefiningDisability Awareness Challenge — Week Three

  20. Promote Your Blog #2

  21. Compelling Posts — Week of June 8 – June 14 2015

  22. I WONDER

  23. A Bitter Pill To Swallow

  24. Slippery Customer


  26. Dead Man Walking – Luke 8

  27. One act of kindness

  28. Breathe In Deeply

  29. Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation, by David Burch

  30. Some of the Most Amazing Places on Earth

  31. What I See My Father Doing… | Deep Cries Out

  32. Two Become One

  33. Where Are You?

  34. Jesus Calling… His Message to All

  35. Daily Editorial Cartoon 6.15.15

  36. Jo’s Monday walk : more Yarmouth!

  37. Quote Of The Day — June 15, 2015

  38. Sorry, GOPe, But THIS Is NOT What WE Voted For.

  39. Menageries a trois, and other concerns…

  40. Monochrome Monday: Morning Rays

  41. Yahweh loves us!

  42. Daily Devotion-June 15, 2015-Ups and Downs

  43. Obama tells college-bound black students people aren’t responsible for their success…

  44. Amusing: Rachel Dolezal sued Howard University for racial discrimination because she was white

  45. “a clear and present danger”

  46. Very cool!

  47. The Holy Hills of Heaven call… Come Away!



  1. A Treatise on Bapticostalism

  2. Just a Thought

  3. Breakroom apologetics

  4. Beware of Christians who say you shouldn’t go to church

  5. Solid Rock

  6. Great Workout Tips

  7. Be the Example For Your Kids!

  8. The Power of the Hug

  9. 3 Great Ways to Set an Example for Your Children

  10. Quote Of The Day — June 16, 2015

  11. Take Note Liberalists and Federal Government Officials- You Can’t Hide in Oz Anymore

  12. Behind The Veil

  13. Hack the vote: Cyber experts say ballot machines easy targets

  14. Yes or No

  15. As Fox News reports at prison, WATCH what camera accidentally catches in background – SMUGGLING!

  16. 15 Ways to Invite and Ignite Commitment

  17. Branco Cartoon – Jurassic Tactics

  18. Identity Politics

  19. Jeb off and running

  20. Why does the Wintery Knight have to have an alias?

  21. 800 Years

  22. USS Gabrielle Giffords christened as navy’s first gun-free warship

  23. We are One

  24. Resurrection of Christ

  25. (Video) Why do people become Islamic terrorists?

  26. 1660-1735

  27. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  28. NAACP Imposter Rachel Dolezal Resigns NAACP as Her University Discrimination Lawsuit Surfaces….

  29. IRS Retrieves 6,400 Lois Lerner Emails, But Won’t Release Them Because They “Might Be” Duplicates…

  30. Quote Challenge #1

  31. You Are the Prevailing Church!

  32. For all you budding writers.

  33. Letter to Daddy (aka God) 1


  35. HE LIFTS US UP: You Have Worth

  36. I just prayed for ChristianBlessings Encouragers

  37. The Church Is A Mess!

  38. Storms in Life

  39. Daily Editorial Cartoon 6.16.15

  40. Sweet Peas?

  41. Hacks, Breaches, and Government Ineptness

  42. Michelle Obama royally dissed by the Royals…

  43. We have plenty of things to worry about…

  44. Rubio Hits Hillary: Yesterday Is Still Over

  45. Advanced Climate Station Data Shows U.S. In A Cooling Trend | The Daily Caller

  46. Apartheid, NZ:

  47. Excellent news:

  48. The Brit press ignored this:

  49. From Problems to Promises!

  50. To All the Warrior Princesses

  51. America: Speak NOW!

  52. Sunday Photo Fiction:

  53. Princess is a Mother Again

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