Uplifting Tuesday-Free Roses


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A Sunday Feel Good Story – Free Roses

While many people are well-off, there are some who work day and night just to earn enough money just to feed themselves for the day. And in this technology-riddled world, machines are taking over most jobs that do not require a good educational background. This leaves many workers jobless—and homeless in no time. But some people still make it through with determination and trust in themselves.

This woman sells flowers aboard a train at a dollar each. Nobody knows how hard she works all day just to survive. While most passengers were ignoring her and not even looking at what she was selling, this man in a suit gave her something that brought her to tears. The man asked, “How much for everything?” she could not believe what the man said but answered, “$140”. Much to her surprise, the man brought out $140 and handed it to her—he was offering to buy everything! But that’s not even the best part. He told the woman to give the flowers to the passengers on the train.



She broke into tears as she realized how “rich” the man was. Not because of the money, but rich in kindness and generosity. Don’t you agree?



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